About this blog

In this blog, Japanese women introduces Japanese cosmetics which is popular in Japan and really good one after using actually.
I will mainly introduce cheap price items that you can buy at Matsukiyo and Don Quijote.

About me

I’m a Japanese woman in late twenties. I love cheap price items and trying various products since I was a teenager.

I started this blog because I thought I want to introduce Japanese beauty goods for various countries because Japanese beauty product are good quality and helpful to be more beauty.

I have two final goals. One is “Get beautiful skin without going to esthetique salon forever” with Japanese authentic skin care item, and another is “Enjoy makeup forever to make myself happy” .

So I keep studying and trying various Japanese cosmetics and share this experience to everyone:)

Here is my beauty profile:

skin type⇒oily skin.When I was a student, I had pimples around my nose, but after became an adult, pimples appeared around my chin… acne marks are also anxious.

Hair quality: thin, easy to get entangled, easy to hurt. My hair becomes yellow immediately after dyeing. I have been plagued with my hair quality for many years.

Eye color:dark brown.

Eyelid:Double eyelids, but my eyes are small.

Thank you for reading about this page. Pls enjoy reading this Japanese cosmetic blog!