10 best Cheap & Good quality Japanese makeup brands

10 best Cheap & Good quality Japanese makeup brands


There are many “low-priced, high good-quality” makeup brands in Japan, and there are many famous cosmetics that everyone from the younger generation to the adult generation have used once.

This article introduces Japan’s leading “Puchipura(=petit price)cosmetic brand.

These brands are often found in drugstores. We will also introduce representative popular products in every brand, so check them when you come to Japan!


A cosmetic brand that is very popular from young to adults women with affordable prices and abundant color variations. Based on the brand concept of “Girly, Pop & Shiny”, the lineup expands cute colors.

In addition, there are also many cute package cosmetics, and it will be fun every time you use it.

Popular item of CANMAKE

glow fleur cheeks 800yen (wihtout tax)

Perfect Stylist eyes 780yen(wihtout tax)

marshmallow finish powder 940yen (wihtout tax)


・Cream cheek 580yen (wihtout tax)


Under the motto “Cosmetics that can be used every day safely”, this cosmetic brand develops environmental- friendly cosmetics, adopting simple package to achieve low prices, and prescribes skin-friendly prescriptions for all products.

Low price but high quality items are popular with a wide range of generations.

Popular item of CEZANNE

Anti sebum Make Keep Base 600yen (wihtout tax)


・Tone up eyeshadow 580yen (wihtout tax)

pearl glow highlighter 600yen (wihtout tax)



Kanebo’s makeup brand. They develop products with a cool & sharp worldview.
The abundant item lineup that makes it easy to create trendy makeup.
They got a popular from a wide range of age with stable quality.

Popular item of KATE

Designing eyebrow 3D 1100yen (wihtout tax)

・Secret skin maker 1600yen (wihtout tax)

・3D eyebrow color 850yen (wihtout tax)

Official site https://www.nomorerules.net/


Shiseido’s makeup brand. Based on the catchphrase of “Living Lovely”, the girly and pop design cosmetics based on red.
A brand that proposes high-quality makeup items that match newly trends.

Popular item of INTEGRATE

・Air feel maker 900yen (wihtout tax)

water crush jelly foundation 2000yen (wihtout tax)

Img: “http://www.shiseido.co.jp/ie/lp/wgc.html”

・nuance eyebrow mascara 800yen (wihtout tax)

Official site http://www.shiseido.co.jp/ie/


KOSE’s makeup brand. The brand concept is “RICH GLAMOROUS”. They develop cosmetics based on a gorgeous and glamorous style.
They blend beauty serum ingredients in all items.

Popular item of Visee

Riche Lip & Cheek Cream N 1080yen(wihtout tax)

・ Riche Crystal Duo LIpstick 1500yen (wihtout tax)

・Glossy Rich eyes 1200yen (wihtout tax)

Official site https://www.kose.co.jp/visee/


“TOKYO RICH CASUAL” Based on the brand concept of enjoying the real trends from Tokyo, They are developing cosmetics that allow you to intuitively finish makeup in line with trends. Cosmetics that are perfect for daily use to achieve a rich and casual finish.

Popular item of excel

Skinny Rich Shadow 1500yen (wihtout tax)


・Shiny Shadow 1000yen (wihtout tax)

Powder & Pencil eyeshadow EX 1450yen (wihtout tax)

Official site https://noevirgroup.jp/excel/


MAJOLICA MAJORCA, which Shiseido brands, attracts women with a unique world of fantasy and pop.
A wide variety of cosmetics with fantastic colors and sparkling textures.
It makes you feel as if you have become the main character of magic and fairy tales.

Popular item of MAJOLICA MAJORKA

・Eye shadow customize 500yen(wihtout tax)

・Lash expander long long long 1200yen(without tax)

Official site https://www.shiseido.co.jp/mj/

Kiss me Heroine make

A heroine makeup provided by Kiss me that develops cosmetics based on the concept of “Realizing perfect beauty like a heroine of a girl’s manga”.
Has a solid reputation for eye makeup cosmetics such as mascara and eyeliner.

Popular item of Heroine make

Long & Curl mascara Advanst film 1200yen(without tax)

・Smooth liquid eyeliner super keep 1000yen (without tax)

Official site  https://www.isehan.co.jp/heroine/


FLOWFUSHI provided new cosmetic values ​​to the world with innovative ideas. They have unveiled a number of innovative cosmetics that incorporate the latest technology.
Above all, the item that controls the color of the lips itself called “LIP38 ℃” is popular for a wide range of people.

Popular item of FLOWFUSHI

・LIP38℃ lip treatment 1600yen (without tax)

Mote mascara 1600yen (without tax)


Official site https://flowfushi.com/

Candy Doll

CandyDoll is a cosmetic brand that is produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka, a charismatic model that has gained tremendous popularity among young people. The discerning item lineup that she repeated trial production over and over is attractive.

Popular item of Candy Doll

・Bright Pure base 1490yen (without tax)

・High cover care concealer 1390yen (without tax)

・White pure powder 1590yen (without tax)

Official site https://candydoll.jp/