【Comparison makeup base!】CEZANNE make keep base vs Primavista long keep base 

【Comparison makeup base!】CEZANNE make keep base vs Primavista long keep base 


Now, “CEZANNE make keep base” and “Primavista long keep base” are evaluated as excellent base cosmetics that don’t let the skin shiny, and these are popular among Japanese women who are sensitive to beauty trends.
Both have many good reviews, but which one is better? ?
I already tried both, so I report the impression of these two items!

Images of CEZANNE make keep base vs Primavista long keepbase


CEZANNE:Smooth and extension well.

CEZANNE texture

Primavista:It’s like a milky lotion. I feel that it’s firmly attached to skin.

Primavista Texture

【Feeling of use】

CEZANNE: In the evening,there was a bit shine on my nose (it didn’t matter after I absorbed it with the tissue).

However, the make up wasn’t dropped.

Anyway,this effect is excellent even this cheap price,600yen. Makeup isn’t messed up almost all day.

Primavista: The base of the prima wasn’t be messed up until the evening even it was hot. Keep mat skin.

Although the price is slightly high at 2800 yen, but if you don’t want to be shiny skin absolutely, Prima vista’s base is better.



*CEZANNE make keep base:600 yen(without tax)

*Primavista long keep base:2800 yen(without tax)


The base of CEZANNE is enough for daily use with it cheap price.

If you absolutely don’t want to make shiny skin all day, the base of the prima is better than CEZANNE.

However, if you don’t mind that there is a little bit shiny, CEZANNE is enough, I think.

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