Review: BioreUV Oil Control base UV Prevent sebum shiness type

Review: BioreUV Oil Control base UV Prevent sebum shiness type


Biore has released a high-performance makeup base that has the high sunscreen effect of SPF50 + and PA ++++, but also has a function to prevent shine caused by sebum!

This product is perfect for hot season when makeup is easy to collapse and getting suntan.

Please check the reviews to see how effective the sunscreen and anti shine!


◆ SPF50 +, PA ++++ makeup base UV.
Protects the face skin from strong UV rays and prevents spots and freckles caused by suntan.
◆ With “ prevent makeup collapsing function”, absorbing the “sebum” to prevent shine and foundation removal.
Resistant to the sweat of daily life, keeping beautiful finish long time.
◆Contains “sebum control ingredient” to prevent shine.
◆Light and comfortable to use.
◆Contains skin care ingredients * (moisturizing ingredients ).
*Hyaluronic acid / BG

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Since the moisturizing ingredients are also included, it can prevent stickiness and drying at the same time!

It is not waterproof, so it is better not to use it when entering the sea or swimming pool.

【How to use】

At the end of skin care in the morning, gently apply an appropriate amount (about 1.5cm in diameter) to your face in small amounts.

If the amount is too small, sufficient sunscreen effect cannot be obtained.

If you use a foundation, please use it after this product. If you don’t use a foundation, in order to keep the effect, please apply it frequently after wiping sweat.

When removing, wash well with makeup remover.


【Feelings after using】

The texture is similar to hand cream, and even a small amount can stretch and spread easily.

The color is slightly bright beige. Since it is well-fitted for skin, it does not leave much color when spread and does not affect the subsequent makeup process.

The feel when put on the face is a little moist right after applying, but it’s immediately adapted to the skin and became smooth.
The foundation after applying it became easy to use and spreads smoothly.

I used only this item as sunscreen on my face, but my skin wasn’t burned at all even if I walked outside in the daytime!

I doubted about sunscreen’s effect of this item because it isn’t specialized in sunscreen, but my anxiety was removed completely after using!

As for the effect of preventing shining, I think that if you don’t fix your makeup all day, there will be a little shining at night on the forehead and nose.
However, if you fix makeup once in the evening, your skin won’t be shiny until late night.

Nonetheless, if I don’t apply this item, my face will become too bright because of sebum soon, so I think effect of preventing shiny is enough.

As for drying, even if I was in an air-conditioned room all day, I didn’t mind drying at all.

There are no cracks or roughness of the foundation due to drying, the smooth skin will be kept with moisture effect.

The package is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Because it is small, easy to carry.


1pcs(30g) :1200 yen

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