User’s Review: CEZANNE pearl glow highlight

User’s Review: CEZANNE pearl glow highlight

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“01 Champagne Beige” of Cezanne Pearl Glow Highlights is said to be as if it’s a “board reflector cosmetics”, and it became a topic that you can get a glowing radiance like a luxury cosmetic even though it’s cheap price as 600 yen. It is the best highlighter within cheap Japanese makeup cosmetics!

In this article, I will introduce you to what’s great about this super popular cosmetic ♥


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・ Luminous shiny skin finish
 The high-bright pearls make skin glossy and create a dewy skin like wearing a shiny light veil.
 ・ Moisturizing ingredient combination
 Hyaluronic acid Na, Lavender flower extract, chamomile flower extract, rosemary leaf extract
 No fragrance, no mineral oil, no tar pigment, no alcohol

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It is a powder type highlight that contains high dense pearls. Although the powder itself is smooth, when it is applied to the skin, the powder adheres firmly.

Because it contains a moisturizing ingredient, it can be seen that the skin is given plenty of moisture then shines from the inside from the skin without being powdery when placed on the skin.

The color of the pearl is beige, but it is not yellowish beige but whitish beige.

【How to use】

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・When using for the chin and T zone → nose looks high, the entire face looks three-dimensional

・When using for the C zone (under the eyes) → turn out the dark circles under eyes and the dullness to brighten the complexion. The pearly luster makes look great on the skin.

The following is the case of highlighting with a brush in the dotted area. The natural gloss and brilliance appear and the face looks bright!



【User’s impression】

*Apply once with a brush → smooth and elegant gloss

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It will finish naturally when you apply with a brush. It is recommended that use a brush to make natural radiance skin as your daily makeup!

In addition, when you want to raise skin tone, or when using it extensively, a large brush is recommended.
It’s also recommend that using brush which hair ends were cut diagonally!

After including in the brush, let’s adjust the amount with the back of your hand first.
if you apply directly on the skin, it will be applied a lot of powder, so be careful.

The below image is the picture when finished with MAC brush. You can see that the skin shines naturally and that a three-dimensional effect is created on the face!

*Hand-painted with a finger → Metallic like a luxury brand

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When painted with a finger, it looks like the highlight of a luxury brand, with a high density and a metallic feel.
When you want to make a glamorous finish, such as at a party, it is good to make gorgeous glitter skin with your fingers!

*Blurre with a finger → become a dewy skin

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When lightly brushed with a finger, it changes into a moist and wet feeling.

It is an impression that catches the light firmly with a sense of luxury highlighter, not a sense of cheap one.
Natural radiance comes out!

Also, this item can be used not only as a highlighter but also as an eye shadow!

 When you apply it as an eyeshadow base, the eye shadow which put on afterwards emits light more, and it will be three-dimensional effect eye.
The three-dimensional effect is increased by putting it in the center of the eyelid.

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With only 600 yen, it’s very good to be used as an excellent highlight or as an eyeshadow.


1pcs: 600 yen (without tax)

【Online Shopping】

Amazon US ($19.45)
Amazon Japan(648 yen)

*If you want to know how to buy in Amazon Japan, check here