Christmas coffret of Japanese cosmetics brands 2019

Christmas coffret of Japanese cosmetics brands 2019


The “Christmas Coffret”, a limited-edition cosmetic set that is sold by various brands every year.

It is so popular that it sells out early every year because it is limited to Christmas season and is a very affordable set.

In this article, I will introduce the 2019 Christmas coffret for Japanese cosmetic brands only.


Before introducing Christmas Coffret: How do I get Christmas Coffret?

The popular Christmas coffret is limited so you can’t get it if you miss the release date basically.

And popular items are sold out especially at an early stage, so be sure to get information on how to purchase them!

There are three ways to purchase, but if you want to get them surely, they will be sold out if you don’t move on the start date.

How to get by reservation

Reservation is like a purchase right that can be obtained after the release date.
Of the three methods, reservation is the most way likely to be.

Go to the shop at the reservation start day and complete the reservation procedure.

Some shops accept reservations by phone or online, but this is often the most reliable way to make a reservation by going directly to the shop if possible because telephone and internet access is often concentrated.

At department stores nationwide, there are brands that distribute numbered tickets before opening, and reservations often will end by only numbered ticket, so if you want to get it reliably, you should arrive at the shop at least one hour before opening time.

Procession before opening shops

The reservation start date seems to be unified nationwide, but there are some shops that do not accept reservations, so it is essential to check in advance.

How to get on release day

Unfortunately, if you not be able to go to the reservation start date, or the reservation has already ended, you can go to the shop on the release date and get directly.

As with reservations, some brands distribute numbered tickets before opening and sell out without waiting for the opening, so you should go and wait at the shop at least one hour in advance.

How to get by online shopping

How to get by online shopping

From some year ago, many brands start selling on online.

However, popular brand and a popular item will be sold out in a matter of minutes.

It is recommended that you confirm in advance and complete pre-registration such as membership registration on the online shopping site.

Purchase at the official online shop

Although it is also available at official online shops, very few brands sells the christmas coffret on the official website.

Department store online shopping (online shop) site

There are official online shops at department stores nationwide.

Because it is an online shop operated by a department store, “safety” !

And after-sales follow is also solid, even if a defect is discovered in the product, there is no doubt that it will be handled in good faith.

If you are going to buy at a department store other than cosmetics, points will also be given, so it is recommended that you purchase at the department store official online shop.

And recently, online shops are getting more benefits such as pre-sale and online limited, so unexpected information may be available at department store online shop site.

Major online Japanese shopping sites such as Yahoo Shopping, Rakuten, Amazon

Unfortunately, as a last resort for those who couldn’t purchase online, we would have no choice but to buy from Rakuten, Amazon, Yahoo, etc. other than department store official online shopping.

However, for popular brands and more popular limited items, the price may be more than double the list price and become a premium price.

I hope you can remember it as a last resort if you really want it, but it’s better to get it in some other way.

Then we will go into the main subject. Every brand Christmas coffret is very cute♡


The Christmas Coffret “SHISEIDO Holiday Colors Mini Lip Bouquet” is a set of “Modern Mat Powder Lipstick” that allows you to enjoy smooth and rich coloring.

An affordable coffret that allows you to get a mini-sized lipstick in five colors at once.

“SHISEIDO Holiday Colors Mini Lip Bouquet” is packed with various colors such as beige tone, red and rose color, and the box motifs is the theme of “Beauty Blossoms”.


SHISEIDO Holiday Colors Mini Lip Bouquet

SHISEIDO Modern Mat Powder Lipstick 2.5g × 5 (502,509,518,590,591)

Price: 6,000 yen

Release date


2019.10.4(Fri) Booking Start

Official Online Shop



Coffret “Holiday Favorite 2019” with limited cosmetics.

The original pouch contains blue and green glitter with a beauty like a “moonlight”,
a four-color eye shadow set in dark shades along with sparkling purple and pink colors.
Three types “Dress Four Lips (Gross)”, and Lips & blushes “Skinny Color Glow” .


Lunasol Holiday Favorite 2019

・ Original pouch
・ 4-color eye shadow “eye coloration”
・ Gloss with blue or green glitter ” Dress Four Lips (Gloss) ”
・ Lips & Cheeks “Skinny Color Glow”

Price: 8,000 yen

Release date


2019.11.2(Sat) Booking Start

Official Online Shop


In addition to lip colors, eye shadows, and blush, a multiple makeup palette packed with highlights and shading is now available.

Bringing a new polished basic to the expression, not only the color but also the texture of the skin, it will bring out your personality at any time.

Three kinds of burgundy brushes and a chic pouch are included.


X01 JUBILEE ME : A neutral shimmer palette that refines the natural beauty

X02 FALL FRESCO : Sensual smoky palette that expresses handsome elegance effortlessly

3 kind of brush, porch

Price: 13,000 yen

Release date


2019.10.23(Wed) Booking Start

Official Online Shop


SUQQU’s 2019 Christmas will feature two gorgeous red x gold and warm orange x mauve makeup coffrets.

A set of mini-sized liquid eye shadow and lip gloss as well as the “Designing Color Eyes”, a popular item.


2019 holiday makeup kit

・ Designing Color Eyes
・ Glow Touch Eyes
・ Flowless Lip Gloss

Price: 10,000 yen

Release date


2019.10.25(Fri) Booking Start

Official Online Shop


A makeup palette that can suit to any scene is the main feature of Coffret.

A variety of five-color eye shadows that are both pop and elegant, white-pink face powder, and four transparent lip colors.

In addition, purple eyeliner and black mascara as accent.


RMK Artist Style Kit 2019

・Basic Mascara EX-01, Artist Style Palette 2019 Powder (Eye Shadow 3 Colors
・Eye Shadow & Brush 2 Colors
・Face Powder 1 Color)

・Artist Style Palette 2019 Lips (Lip 4 colors)
・Eye Pencil EX-01

Price: 9800 yen

Release date


2019.10.18(Fri) Booking Start

Official Online Shop


This year’s Christmas coffret of CHICCA, perfect for special seasons, with the original 3WAY bag inspired by the sparkle of winter, with limited colors of eyeshadow and lipstick, and a mini-sized skin care set.

The exclusive color “EX13 Cold Peach” of “Flores Glow Lid Texture Eyeshadow” is characterized by a clear and sparkling ice blue gloss, creating a feminine eye.

The limited color that appears on the popular lip gross “Mesmeric Lipstick” is the peach red “EX16 Glow”.

Limited colors of eyeshadow and lipstick can be purchased separately.


CHICCA Christmas Collection 2019

・ Flores Glow Lid Texture Eyeshadow EX13
・ Mesmeric Lipstick EX16
・ Skin Care Set Mini
・ Original bag

Price: 9,300 yen

Release date


2019.10.23(Wed) Booking Start

Official Online Shop


The theme is “Adult Pink Glitter”, which makes you feel like a holiday, and you can enjoy the glamorous of Christmas with glitter and gloss.

In addition, the hypoallergenic formula that does not require special cleansing is feature of this brand and is made of minerals and natural pigments, so it can be easily turned off with face wash and hot water.

In addition to the gorgeous finish, it is hard to put a burden on the skin, and it is also a nice point that all items contain beauty moisturizing ingredients.


Etvos Christmas Coffret 2019

・ Mineral Eye & Blush Color Palette 2019CF Ready Make
・ Mineral Eye Crayon 2019CF Shiny Bordeaux
・ Mineral Lip Bijou 2019CF Mellow Red
・ Mineral Snow Powder 2019CF
・ 2019 Christmas Coffret Original Pouch Dusty Pink

Price: 10,000 yen

Release date


2019.10.10(Thu) Booking Start

Official Online Shop


In the special BOX, in addition to the limited design bottle “Facial Treatment Essence”
Facial cleanser “SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser” that gently removes dirt on the skin surface and leads to well-organized skin,
Long-selling wiping lotion “SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion”
The mini size of “SK-II R.N.A. Power Radical New Age Airy Milky Lotion”, which is lightly textured and quickly adapts to the skin and raises the power of the skin.


SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (Red / Blue / White) Fantasista Utamaro Limited Edition Coffret

・ SK-Ⅱ Facial Treatment Essence Red / Blue / White Fantasista Utamaro Limited Edition 230mL (actual product)
・ SK-Ⅱ Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser (face wash) 20g
・ SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (Lifting Lotion) 30mL,
・ SK-Ⅱ R.N.A. Power Radical New Age Airy Milky Lotion (Beauty Milk) 15g

Price: 22,000 yen

Release date


Booking Start day is under investigating

Official Online Shop