Review: Fujiko eyebrow tint

Review: Fujiko eyebrow tint


Fujiko eyebrow tint isn’t dye the eyebrow itself, but it can keep the shape of the eyebrow by dyeing the surface on the skin.
Since the horny part of the skin is dyed thinly, it doesn’t lose color even when rubbed with water.
As it is resistant to water, it is recommended especially when you go to a place like swimming pool or sea!

Fujiko eyebrow tint from Japan didn’t decline in popularity from its release. Let’s look at the effects and how to use it.


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Fujiko eyebrow tint contains 5 beauty ingredients that are gentle on eyebrows (such as plant-derived clove extract and magnolia flower extract) and colors naturally while caring the eyebrows. Strong against sweat, water and sebum, eyebrows last for about 3 days. It is an eyebrow tint that colors naturally as if it were a “eyebrow myself”.

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It is said that it leaves eyebrows for about 3 days only applying to the shape of the ideal eyebrows, and then drying and peeling off.
So it is useful when you don’t want to drop makeup or skip eyebrow makeup.

* Why does the color last?

An ingredient called “Dihydroxyacetone” contained in this item make the skin brown.
By applying Fujiko eyebrow tint to your eyebrows, it penetrates to the stratum corneum and coats the eyebrows.
By the way, this ingredient is also used as a skin coloring for sunless tanning.

*Will the color be dropped off?

This item will tint up only to the stratum corneum of the skin, so when the old horny skin will fall off, then the pigment will also fall off at the same time. The color disappears completely if left for about 3 days.

*When should it be used?

  • In the morning, you can save time and effort to paint your eyebrows.
  • When you want to keep eyebrow makeup for a long time.
  • When you get a lot of sweat, sports, live, outdoor festivals.
  • When you want to lighten the tone of the eyebrows.

【All ingredients】

Water, ethanol, BG, dihydroxyacetone, polyvinyl alcohol, 1,2-hexanediol, PVP, clove extract, magnolia flower extract, lotus flower extract, wild cherry flower extract, damask rose flower oil, polysorbate 80, Na chloride, phenoxyethanol, Citric acid, EDTA-2Na, yellow 5, red 227, blue 1, fragrance

【How to use】

step1 Apply

Before applying, remove the oil or sebum on your face with a tissue etc. and then apply it in the desired eyebrow shape. If you fail, please remove the failed part with a cotton swab. You can wipe it off easily before it gets dry.

step2 Dry

It will dry and fix in 5 to 10 minutes, but will last longer if placed for more than 2 hours.

*To keep the color effectively,
apply it before going to bed at night and then peel off in the morning!

step3 Peel off

After dry, peel off slowly from the end of the eyebrow. If you are concerned about eyebrow loss when peeling off, rinse with lukewarm water.
However, the color comes out clearly if you peel it off rather than washing with lukewarm water.

step4 finish

The completion of natural eyebrows.
※ There is individual difference in effect, lasting duration.

Point of using

Point① Properly remove oil and sebum

If there are skin sebum, essences or cream left around the eyebrows, the tint colors will not be attached well.
Therefore, it is important to remove oil or sebum properly with oil blotting paper or tissue before applying!
Common fails … After applying the lotion or milk essence, apply it without removing off the oil.

Point② Use for a few days in a row

In the course of continuous use, the old stratum corneum peels off, making it easy for the skin to color.

Point③ Apply once and dry, apply again from above

It is also a means to make it last longer by coloring more deeply.
In particular, there are also many users who only coat the eyebrow buttocks twice.
Once painted, dry completely, then just apply again from the top◎

from Fujiko eyebrow tint official site( ” )


【Feelings after using】

From the conclusion, “3 day keep eyebrow color” isn’t correct. The color remains firm on the first day, but disappears after cleansing.
I use 02 mocha brown, and the color remains beautifully on the first day, but when I do cleansing at night, it loses the color and becomes orange. Especially on the third day, the color is almost gone.

The official advice to keep eyebrow color is that painting two or three days continuously, or applying twice after drying, but even after I tried these point, eyebrow color had gone out after cleansing.

The below photo is an image of after applying and after cleansing at the same day. You can see that the color has gone away.

It can be said that lasting effect is only one day. Instead, it won’t fall off if eyebrow will be rubbed or gets wet.
So it’s just like a feeling of a simple 1 day eyebrow tattoo.

It’s good when you don’t have time to repair makeup when you go to the pool or the sea, or having a lot of sweat at festivals. If there is no eyebrow, the impression is completely different.

The impression during use is that the color of the liquid is so dark so I was surprised at first as well, but the color that actually got on the skin is natural color.

It also contains ingredients that protect the skin, so the skin didn’t get rough even when placed for a long time, but when it’s peeled off, 2 to 3 eyebrows will fall off at the same time, so those who are concerned about it should wash away with lukewarm water. (However, there is also a voice that peeling off leaves color more clear than washing away.)

When applying, the viscosity of the liquid is a bit hard to spread, so instead of trying to apply a wide area at once, to spread little by little is better.
Because it is inconspicuous when writing so thin, it is also a point to draw slightly oversized.

As a general rule, the eyebrows will last 3 days is overbrow,I think.
However, it will be useful when doing active leisure such as swimming pools and enjoying live, since it will not fall even if it gets wet or rubbed with water during 1 day.


1pcs: 1280 yen(without tax)

【Color variation】

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01: deep brown that suits any hair color
02: reddish brown with a fluffy feminine atmosphere.
03: clear brown with plenty of sense of transparent.