Review: SANA excel powder & pencil eyebrow EX

Review: SANA excel powder & pencil eyebrow EX

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・The pencil, powder, and screw brush are integrated, so the cosmetic pouch is not bulky.

・The pencil is thick and the hardness is not too hard and not too soft. It is easy to get color, and easy to draw gaps of eyebrow and delicate lines.

・The powder fit firmly, so the morning makeup will last until the evening.

・Screw brush is soft and does not damage the skin

・There are eight colors and they’re easy to match with various hair and eye colors

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【How to use】

As for how to choose the color, it is recommended to match your hair color.

A slightly brighter color than the hair color gives a youthful impression, and a slightly darker color gives a mature impression.

①Adjust the eyebrow flow with a screw brush.

②Write the missing eyebrows with a pencil. It works well if you draw an image like adding eyebrow one by one.

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③Blur from the inner ends of the eyebrow with powder.

④Finally, prepare the flow of eyebrow with a screw brush!

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【Feelings after using】

It is easy to draw with a pencil that is neither too hard nor too soft.
Also, I could easily blur my eyebrows by just tracing with powder after drawing by pencil.
As I had only used pencils until now, my eyebrow was unnatural , I thought. It’s better using eyebrow powder to make natural face!

It’s amazing that it won’t come off even if I sweat and rub. The below is a photo after painting in the morning, spending all day and walking and sweating for 30 minutes in the gym without fixing makeup.

The ends of the eyebrow disappeared a little, and the color became a little thinner, but I think it’s excellent totally because it lasts long time without fixing makeup even I sweat.

However, because it is hard to come off even rubbing, be careful because it will be difficult to fix it if you fail drawing.

There are many color variations, so it’s safe to change the color of your hair!

Since the three functions are consolidated into one, it is also good that the pouch isn’t bulky.
I think it’s good cost performance product. Recommended!


1pcs: 1450yen (without tax)

*linked item is PD01(natural brown)