Review: RMK gel creamy foundation

Review: RMK gel creamy foundation

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RMK is a Japanese makeup brand produced by RUMIKO, a Japanese makeup artist active in New York. In particular, base makeup items are popular not only general users but also professionals.
Currently, shops are in Thailand, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Korea.

This time, I reviewed the popular gel creamy foundation among RMK base makeup items!


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A gel creamy foundation that combines the transparency of the gel and the covering power of the cream. The gel fits the skin and moisturizing ingredients such as royal jelly extract and hyaluronic acid keep moist.
A light, misty powder absorbs excess sebum and keep a fresh finish. Covering with a sense of transparency, produce a glowing skin.

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This foundation can incorporate both cream coverage power and bare skin feeling. Compared to the liquid foundation, it’s softer texture.
Since it contains moisturizing ingredients, it doesn’t dry even if applied for a long time. Furthermore, because sebum adsorption powder is also blended, it absorbs excess sebum and prevents makeup collapse due to sebum.

*Color Variation

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There are 7 colors.
101~104 are Yellow base color, 201 & 202 are Pink base color.

【How to use】

After preparing the skin with a base make, take an appropriate amount of foundation (1-2 push) and spread evenly from the center of the face to the outside with a foundation brush or finger.
When using a brush, adjust the amount of brushing on the palm of your hand.

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I always apply by hand, but it spreads beautifully without unevenness.
As it extends very well, it is recommended that you take one push at first, and then look at the situation from there and spread it gradually.
If you want to adhere tightly, apply lightly with a sponge after applying by hand.


Feelings after using

As the name of the product, it’s has a feature of gel and cream, and not too firm or too hard texture.
It stretches so well, so it will be enough for 1 to 2 pushes for the whole the face.
At least I use it almost every day after buying it, but I could keep more than a year.
The quality did not decline even if stored for a long time, so I think it is a good cost performance product though it’s a little high price:)

It tones up the skin color naturally, and there is almost no makeup collapse, it is not a dirty even if it collapse (such as foundation accumulate around the nose) .
Since the moisturing ingredients are blended, so even people with dry skin can use it without anxity.

With regard to covering power, dark big spots and large acne cann’t be hidden, but thin spots and acne which isn’t so big can be hidden naturally.
I think that there is not so much covering power because this foundation extends well, so rather than covering pinpoint, covering whole face is better.
If there is something skin problem you care about, you should apply a foundation after applying a concealer.

Couldn’t hide big spots, but I could hide thin spots. The tone of the skin has risen.

Rather than covering thick and firm, this foundation is a light texture that emphasizes the feeling of bare skin.
So it is recommended for people who want to finish naturally without a sense of make up.

The finish is semi matte.
It won’t become so much shiny skin and not be too much matte, but it will become a balanced finish skin.

The skin will be toned up naturally, it has a sense of moderate gloss, so this foundation is recommended for people who want a natural finish.


1pcs: 5400 yen(included tax)  ※witout tax: 5000 yen

※liked item is 102 color.