Review: B IDOL plump tint lipstick 03 beige

Review: B IDOL plump tint lipstick 03 beige


This lipstick was made by “Akari Yoshida”, a popular member of the Japanese idol group called “NMB48”.

(You can read more about Akari Yoshida in .)
It became a popular item at SNS immediately after released and was sold out immediately at every store.


b idol lipstick
  • Lipstick color is vivid, but it has a sense of sheerness and not too flashy
  • The plump effect makes your lips pouty and makes lip vertical wrinkles less noticeable
  • Moisturizing lips with beauty ingredients
  • Tint prescription leaves color on lips for a long time
  • Extends well even small amount

Highly functional lip that combines the three elements “highly moisturizing x volume up x high coloring” !

All ingredients

Diisostearyl malate, dimer linoleic acid (phytosteryl / isostearyl / cetyl / stearyl / behenyl), hydrogenated polyisobutene, bisdiglyceryl polyacyl adipate-2, polyglyceryl triisostearate-2, ceresin, menthyl lactate, microcrystalline Wax, titanium oxide, 1,2-hexanediol, iron oxide, tocopherol acetate red 218, yellow 4, blue 1, tri (caprylic / capric) glyceryl, mango seed oil, mango fruit extract, apple fruit extract

Color variation

Color variation is 01 Pink, 02 Orange, 03 Beige, 04 Red, 101 Clear.






(Photo from B IDOL official site )

2019.11 New Color was released!

New colors were released on November 4, 2019!

Three colors reflecting the image of autumn have been added and are quickly became a hot topic on SNS in Japan.

(from left) 05_pink, 06_brown, 07_red


When actually use it, it looks gorgeous but elegant with a not too strong pink.
It will suit both cute style and sexy style makeup.

The impression is gentler than the 01 pink.


The brown color is not so strong and easy to use.

While giving gloss to the lips, it gives a mature and calm impression.

Perfect for office makeup.


A red lipstick with vivid colors.

It is a little pinkish than the 04 red, with a lighter tone.

Perfect for making your lips stand out and making a cute impression.

【How to use】

Turn the dial at the bottom of the lip about one or two times. Be careful not turn too much. Because the structure of this lipstick is that it will not return once it putted out!

Since even a small amount can be firmly attached, it is important to apply gently. Removing excess color with tissue after application will give a more natural finish.

If you want to apply a soft color, apply once, and if you want to make more clear color, applying twice.

This lipstick is very soft and melts in a hot environment, so be careful when handling it in hot season.


【Feelings after using】

I bought “03_beige” color. It is natural beige brown lipstick and easy to use for every scene.

“Plump effect is amazing!” As it has been said between various japanese people, it will make your lips look pouty and noticeable.

Even if it is applied once, there is enough plump effect, but if it is applied twice, vertical wrinkles of lips are less noticeable.

The plumper ingredient gives a feeling like a menthol to your lips, so be careful if you are sensitive.

About the color, I thought it was a little dark beige before painting, but when I actually painted it, the color wasn’t too dark, and it would naturally add color to my lips.

Since the assertion of color is not strong, it is easy to match with makeup of various patterns! I think it is the most balanced and easy to use color.

It ’s a tint prescription, so it’s nice there will remain some color after eating and drinking.

In addition, lips are moisturized for a long time while wearing with a high moisturizing effect. It can be applied like a lip balm:)

Despite the cheap price of 1400 yen, it was a good item that was fairly easy to use with “natural but vivid color, tint prescription, high moisturizing & plumping effect” .

Since its launched in May 2019, it has been sold out at almost stores in Japan, so it is difficult to obtain it without mail order.

【Where Can I buy it in Japan?】

You can buy them at drug stores, Don Quixote and other cosmetic stores.

However, this product is so popular that it is often sold out in stores.
Online shopping is recommended if you can want to get certainly.


1pcs: 1400 yen(without tax)

【Online Shopping】

Now it exists only in Amazon Japan.


*If you want to know how to buy in Amazon Japan, check here