Review: Kanebo LUNASOL eyeshadow palette star shower eyes 05

Review: Kanebo LUNASOL eyeshadow palette star shower eyes 05

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“Star Shower Eyes 05” is an eye shadow that was born from unique idea,which expresses the starry sky with an eye shadow palette. There are many fans in Japanese talents and models. It became popular at once because it was introduced by “Naomi Watanabe”, a popular talent in Japan!


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・It is an eye palette put together in one tone of brown series.
Layering in order from the light color for top of the eyelids and tightening the eyes with the dense brown in the lower right.

・The gradation eye is completed without the need for techniques.

・The color comes out well without repainting several times.
Because good colors will be lasting well, so your makeup won’t come off even if you don’t re-makeup it until the evening.

・The Lunasol eye shadow palette comes with two eyeshadow tips. These tips is a double end specification, and the form of the tips are all different.
Not only the sponge brush but also the soft brush is set, so it goes smoothly with just the attached tip, from the fine work on the eyes to the relatively broad highlight.

・Glitter is large among the same brand and becomes gorgeous eyes.
Depending on the amount applied, it can be used for simple makeup style which is suitable for work, and if you apply it more, it can also be used for private use.

・Delicate and elegant glitter makes elegant gloss on eyes.

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【How to use】

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  1. Blur the C star shower base with your fingers on the eyelids.
  2. Put A’s nuance color on the entire eyehole.
  3. Blur the main color of B from the end of the eyes toward the eyehole.
  4. Put the shade color D to the eye line.
  5. Put a nuance color of A for the lower eyelid from inner corner of the eyes to the tail of the eyes , and put a shade color of D for around 1/3 of the lower eyes.
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【Feelings after using】

It is a elegant glitter, but the eyes become gorgeous because glitters firmly insists. Glitter does not splash on the face and adheres firmly to the eyelid.

Also, this eyeshadows have a good lasting effect. If I apply it on the morning, it will last till night.
Even if time passes, powder does not accumulate in double eyelid. The beautiful finish will continues.

Also, I can use all colors of the palette. There is no worthless color. Because it’s a skin familiar color, it won’t be too bright or too plain. It can be used in the office, or in any occasion.

It will be modest but glamorous and elegant if you put it lightly as the office makeup.
When you go date or something, you can emphasize the eyes more clearly by putting them a little more.

It makes my eyes gorgeous even if I apply it rough, so it’s useful on a busy morning.

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1pcs: 5000 yen(without tax)

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