Review: Kiss me Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara Advanst Film

Review: Kiss me Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara Advanst Film


Heroine makeup, popular for mascara and eyeliner, has released a new type mascara. The concept is “third type new mascara”.
High-performance mascara that combines the advantages of film-type mascara and waterproof mascara!


Point 1: Keep curl long! Contains water and sebum-resistant ingredients

Your makeup will not collapse by sebum, water, rubbing.
Fiber of mascara will stay long in your eyelashes.

※What is Film Type?

Recently, more people are using waterproof mascara, which is resistant to water.
However, since it is weak against sebum, so it has a weak point that it tends to collapse easily when used by people with oily skin.

The film type is attracting attention as an alternative to the waterproof type mascara.
Film type mascara can make a water-resistant film on the surface of eyelashes and is resistant to both water and sebum.

Point 2: Although it is resistant to water and sebum, it can be removed with “hot water” + “face clenaser”

This mascara is strong against water and sebum, but makeup can be removed by just washing it with warm water and then washing your face with face washing.

Point 3: Keep curl all day

Contains curl-lock ingredients and shape-sustaining polymers.
 It can keep the eyelashes upward for a long time.

Point 4: Super powerful long eyelashes

Contains 5mm long extension fiber.
 Even short eyelashes are stretched firmly, and long and beautiful eyelashes are finished.

Point 5: Contains 4 types of beauty serum ingredients
Camellia oil, royal jelly extract, argan oil, wild rose oil (Eyelash protection ingredient)

Color variation



(from heroine make official site )

【How to use】

Inside the curve of the brush, apply for the root of eyelashes while sliding the brush in small steps, and then apply to the tip of the eyelashes smoothly.

How to remove makeup

Step 1: Before using the makeup remover or face washing, moisten your eyelashes thoroughly with hot or lukewarm water. * This process is important!

Step2: Then wash off with makeup remover or facial cleanser completely.


【Feelings after using】

Excellent curl keeping power. Eyelashes don’t go down all day!
If you want to keep your perfect curled eyelashes, just curl your eyelashes with eyelash curler once more when you fix your makeup.

However, I think that mascara alone has enough power to raise eyelashes.

Since there is a lot of fiber, it will give you plenty of length and volume!

Even if you do not apply mascara many times, the eyelashes will have enough volume and length.

The mascara liquid dries quickly, but be careful as applying it over and over will make it difficult to dry.

Usually, mascara with strong curling power often too hardens the eyelashes, but it keeps the soft eyelashes! It’s less-irritating.

Your eyelashes will be beautifully separated into a fan shape, so the finish is also beautiful♪

However, it’s said that it can be easily removed, I think it’s somewhat difficult to remove compared to other film mascaras.

When you use this mascara, be careful to remove eye makeup carefully and gently.

If you done cleansing roughly, mascara will be left on your eyes.

If you want to remove it sooner, or remove it cleanly and perfectly, there is a dedicated remover.

As a comprehensive evaluation, this mascara has excellent curl keeping power and will naturally increase the length of the eyelashes.

I like that eyelashes do not become hard even after applying many times.

If you are looking for long & curl keep mascara, you should try it!


1pcs: 1200yen (without tax)

【Where Can I buy it in Japan?】

You can buy them at drug stores, Don Quixote and other cosmetic stores.

【Online shopping】

Amazon US($13.00)
Amazon Japan(1296 yen)

*If you want to know how to buy in Amazon Japan, check here