Review: Sana Excel skinny rich eye shadow

Review: Sana Excel skinny rich eye shadow


“Sana Excel skinny rich eyeshadow”, became hot item because it’s cheap but feeling of use is like a luxury cosmetics. Now it is the most popular eye shadow palette in the Japanese word-of-mouth site, “`cosme” . An item that can satisfy both makeup beginners and makeup enthusiasts.

6 colors are available so you can find a color that suits you!


1.Just layer 4 colors in order! You can make beautiful gradation without fail.

A four-color palette without colors that cannot be used, which is made by only brown and beige colors that are familiar to the skin. By simply layering in order, you can create rich gradations.

2. Make an adult ish eye with elegant shine

An elegant shine with fine pearl that won’t become flashy.
With sana excel’s original powder, luxuriously blended with gold pearl that is familiar to the skin, creates an elegant eye.

3. A feeling of adhesion like melting into the eyelids

The powder is moist and rich, it stretches well and fits closely to the eyelids. There is no powder skipping.
Contains squalane (moisturizing ingredient) to prevent eye dryness.

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【How to use】

Just layer in order of ① → ② → ③ → ④!

Base color:Tones up and brightens the eyelids skin color. There is also eye base effect with moist texture!
Nuance color:A gentle nuance is added to the eyes, and it creates a gentle atmosphere.
Shadow color:Gives natural shadows and adds a glamorous and gorgeous atmosphere.
Line color:Tighten the eyes with a dark color and make a big-eye effect.


【Feelings after using】

Just as in How to use, you can easily create beautiful gradation just by layering in order of ① ~ ④!

It contains fine pearls that naturally make your eyelids look brighter, but because the glitter aren’t big, they are natural and not too flashy.

I purchased SR02, the gold color fits well for my skin and makes me adultish. However, it doesn’t become too cool and it’s well-balanced, so easy to use for any scene, whether private or office.

using image of sana excel skinny rich eye shadow
It makes natural and adultish eyes

The powder quality is good and won’t disappear after a little rubbing. Even if you wear it all day, it doesn’t scatter to the face, firmly attached to your eyelids.

In addition, even if you gets wet with water or sweat, there is also a great point that the eye shadow will not collapse unless rubbing! (Please note that it will disappear if you rub when wet)

As reputed, I could get this beautiful finish about 1600 yen so this is great cost performance item!

It’s cheap and there are many colors, so I want to have a variety of colors:) Next I want to challenge Burgundy Color (SR06)!

The color variations are introduced below, so please check them out.


1pcs: 1,620 yen (include tax)

【Online Shopping】

Amazon US($19.99)
Amazon Japan(1620 yen)

【Color variation】

SR01:The most easy to use color of beige brown.

A classic color that suits any person with the most natural atmosphere in the Skinny Rich Shadow Series.
This color is recommended if you don’t know what should be used. When you actually makeup, the beige-brown gradation, which is familiar to your skin, will make you beautiful. Can be used in any scene regardless of TPO.

SR02:Gold-based brown for an adult-like impression.

It is a gold that is easy to adjust to the skin. The elegant and gorgeous atmosphere is perfect for adult women.
If you apply thin gold on the lower eyelids, it will become more gorgeous!

SR03:Make a gentle impression with a slight pinkish brown.

A reddish-brown eyeshadow. Even though it contains a pink color, brown is strong, so it’s easy to challenge even if you don’t like pink or red eye shadows.
The soothing and deep color makes an elegant and feminine atmosphere. Eye shadow that doesn’t become too sweet even in pink and you can enjoy an adult feminine atmosphere.

SR04:Grayish brown for a cool impression.

Grayish brown eyeshadow with no redness. Cool eye is completed with deep brown.
This eye shadow is perfect for an adult woman because there is little flashy glitter and contains a delicate pearl that shines elegantly.

SR05:A mellow orange beige that is familiar to the skin

The coral orange will brighten your eyes and make a gentle impression. When you actually makeup, the natural orange color with gloss is very beautiful. A moderate pearl feeling is refined.

SR06:A transparent burgundy color.

A brown palette based on warm pink, it creates cute and sexy gradation eyes easily.
The calm color that pink is not too strong can also be used as office makeup.

Popular in Japan in the order of SR06, SR03, SR05. Colors that include pink and orange are popular.