Review: Kose Visee Riche Lip & Cheek Cream N

Review: Kose Visee Riche Lip & Cheek Cream N




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・ It is a cream that can be used for blush and lip. This item have two roles, so makeup with a sense of unity is easily completed.

・ It has a natural reddish color that exudes from the inside. A moderate gloss as blush, and a half matte finish for lips.

・A smooth touch is realized. It is easy to blur. The density can be adjusted freely by layering and coloring.

・The colour is well fitted to the skin and the beautiful finish lasts for a long time.

・Contains beauty fluid ingredients. Protects moisture on cheeks and lips that are easy to dry.

・No fragrance

【How to use】

Take a small amount at your fingertips and apply the color to your lips and cheeks with your fingers.

Spread tapping lightly for your cheeks or lips with fingertips.


【Feelings after using】

I bought a red color “RD-01”.

As a feeling of use, it is easy to extend to cheeks and lips with a smooth cream!

Moreover, since the blush and the rouge are able to complete with only this item, it does not occupy the makeup pouch.
It is compact and easy to carry, so it was very convenient when I took it to travel.

<as blush>

For the cheek, while tapping gently with your fingertips, stretch it little by little so that natural gradation.

I like the natural finish, so I took it out with my fingers only once.
The finish is as the following picture.

Of course, you can overpaint more if you like heavier color.

If you put too much, use the foundation from the top of colour.

It holds longer than powder blush, I felt. It lasted from the morning to the evening, and even when I swam in the pool, it wasn’t came off!

The natural gloss comes out, so you can show as if healthy cheek:)

<as rouge>

It is better to repaint several times to make clear colour for the lips. Usually I paint for my lips about two or three times.

Not too light or too thick, natural coloration.
When used together with blush, a sense of color unity comes out.

However, since this doesn’t have a tint effect, it will be dropped off if you drink or eat.

【Colour variation】

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PK-8 “Apricot Pink” is a color recommended by professional makeup artists.
Apricot and salmon colors can be used for regardless of skin color relatively.

The BR-9 can be used as a shading as well as a rouge and blush.

The SP-10 is a great highlight, and it gives natural glow when placed cheeks and under eyes.


1pcs: 1000 yen(without tax)

*Linked Item is PK-8.

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