User’s review: Canmake glow fleur cheeks

User’s review: Canmake glow fleur cheeks


This brush is very popular cosmetics in Canmake Tokyo with its glowing functions. There are 10 colors now so I will introduce all colors:) Check it out!


・Except for limited version colors, currently seven colors are available.

・Although it is a powder blush, this four-color blush provides a creamy moist, transparent and glossy feelings.
It adheres firmly to the skin with no powderiness even it is powder blush.

・It keeps the freshly applied color in the morning with a creamy feeling.

・Bright and dark Colors are mixed in one palette, so it’s easy to adjust the blush color, then making natural and gorgeous cheeks.
If only highlights are used, it is possible to gives only gloss.

Contains soft focus powder with high light diffusion effect, making less noticeable pores, and creating transparent skin.

Keeps beautiful color for a long time with a powder that prevents makeup collapse

Contains collagen and hyaluronic acid as a beauty moisturizing ingredient

Contains plant ingredients and fruit extracts (moisturizing ingredients)
-Rosemary leaf extract, Rosehip oil, Pomegranate flower extract, Damask rose flower oil, Neurose fruit extract

Skin-friendly: mineral oil, petroleum surfactant, UV absorber, fragrance, alcohol free

・Fluffy brush is attached

・This is small size so It’s not bulky even if you put it in a bag in mini size.

【How to use】

The upper left color is glow powder, and the other parts are blush powder.

Mix the blushes with a brush twice or three times, and apply the glow powder for the areas where you want the final finish (such as the higher parts of cheeks).


【User’s impression】

[01] Peach Fleur

The peach fleur is a beige pink and finishes as a soft cheek.
A natural classic blush that can be used in any scene and any makeup.

[02] Apricot Fleur

An apricot fleur that is a coral pink color that suits everyone and adds a healthy gorgeousness.
Vivid colors gives bright impression.

[03] Fairy Orange Fleur

A fairy orange fleur gives a healthy and bright impression with a bright clear orange.
Pink-orange color finishes on the cheek with a lively impression.

[04] Strawberry Fleur

Strawberry Fleur gives sweet and pure impression with an icy girly pink. Make a cutie cheek with a feminine color.

[06] Milky Red Fleur

A creamy red color with a slight bluish tint.
Add a gorgeous but soft red color to your cheeks. Recommended for fair-skinned.

[09] Burgundy Fleur

Burgundy color that gives a sexy impression. Matches the skin of adults with a deep color.

Blends with the highlight color to create a transparent impression.

[10] Terracotta fleur

An adult reddish brown terracotta fleur. It makes a sexy and refined cheek with deep coloring.


1pcs: 800yen (without tax)