User’s Review: Canmake perfect stylist eyes

User’s Review: Canmake perfect stylist eyes

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Even though a cheap price, the popular cosmetics item “Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes” contains five colorin one eyeshadow palette, and you can enjoy two makeup styles with only one palette.

Characteristic of this eye shadow is that you can easily make the eyes colorful, mysterious, sweet.
A very easy-to-use palette eye shadow that can make from ornate makeup to natural makeup.

Currently, the pallets sold in 10 different colors are also highly rated as lasting-long good color. I will introduce all 10 colors in this article!

And also, “Sana Excel” eye shadows are popular because they are cheap and of good quality. Skinny Rich Shadow has many brown color variations, so you can find your favorite brown!


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・Even though a low price of 780 yen (excluding tax), it can make two kinds of makeup styles with one pallet for a wide range of makeup style from daily use to party scene.
There are attractive 5 colors in one palette, the base color and the two main colors, the line color, and the topping jewel in center.

・There are many color variations from standard colors that can be used for multiples scenes to point colors that make gorgeous. If you devise the way of makeup, you will be able to produce more attractive face by yourself!

・Because fine powder adheres firmly to the eyelids, it is hard to come off makeup.
It keeps for a long time even a clear gradation of shadows, so it can also be used safely for people who can’t fix makeup for a long time.

・Even if it adheres for the eyelids firmly, it will be came off easily when removing makeup, thus reducing stress on the skin.

【How to use】

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A:base color
B:main color①
C:main color②
D:line color
E:topping jewel(glitter)
makeup style①A→B→D
makeup style②A→C→D

You can enjoy 2 style eyeshadow pattern with your mood of the day because there are two main colors. Also, you can adjust the amount of glitter with “E Topping jewel(center glitter)” , so it can be used both work day and off day.

It’s better to apply glitter with your fingers to make more glowing eyes.


【User’s impression】

02_Baby beige

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02 baby beige is a brown eyeshadow palette which is blended well with your skin. There are bright beige, camel beige, brown, light brown, glitter and it can make natural beauty eyes.

One palette has dark brown to light brown, so it can be used with every scene.

05_Pinky chocolat

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05 Pinky chocolat is cute pink brown palette. There are off white, pink beige, pinkish brown, coral pink, glitter and it can make sweet lovery eyes.
You can use this palette for daily use and date.

07_Gateau Framboise

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07 Gateau Framboise is gorgeous and cute pink palette. There are baby pink, dark brown, fresh pink, glitter and you can make moderately sweet eyes.

There are brown and pink so adults also can use easily.

10_Sweet flamingo

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This is moderate and sweet feminine color. To be elegant and cute eyes.
The impression calmer than “No. 5 Pinky Chocolat”. Line color is more deeper.

It is light and soft tone as a whole.
Topping Jewel (center glitter) is pinkish beige, and it can be used casually.

11_Rose beige

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11 Rose beige is moderate brown color palette. There are off white, rose beige, dark brown, light brown, glitter and you can make natural big eyes. Colors are not so flashy, so makeup beginner can also try easily.

12_Dreaming flower

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Sweet and pale pastel colors. You can enjoy fashionable makeup style in pale pink and lavender with a slightly mysterious and sexy look.

The light pink base color will reduce the dullness, and the line color is purple brown.

14_Antique ruby

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14 Antique ruby is a red palette that has elegance and sexy. There are beige pink, bright red, dark purple, brownish bordeaux, glitter. You can make a impressive sexy and lovely eyes.

15_Twilight Beach

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15 Twilight Beach is orange palette which has two impressive accent color.
There are light beige, deep blue, brown, orange, glitter and you can make cheerful and bright impression eyes.

I doubted if is it suitable to mix orange and blue or not, however it matches well.

16_double sunshine

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16 Double Sunshine is a gold-based palette studded with sparkles.
This includes off-white, bronze-brown, brown, orange-gold, and glitter, making it a sparkling eye without becoming too flashy. Just the right color for everyday use.

17_Princess Bouquet

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17 Princess Bouquet is a pink palette that combines intelligence and prettiness.
Off-white, Mauve pink, purple, bluish pink, glitter is a set, and it is finished in adult cute eyes.
In the way of makeup, it can be natural or gorgeous.


・ 1pcs: 780yen(without tax)

*The linked item is baby beige.

【Online Shopping】

Amazon US (16 Double Sunshine, $9.68)
Amazon Japan (02 baby beige, 842 yen)