Review: Kanebo kate designing eyebrow 3D

Review: Kanebo kate designing eyebrow 3D


This product is a high-quality and versatile item even a reasonable price of 1,100 yen (excluding tax), and is a popular eyebrow powder regardless of generation!
It is often featured in beauty and fashion magazines, and it is no exaggeration to say that everyone has used it once.

Let’s check the features of such popular products.


Powder type eyebrow. Three palettes of dark, medium and light color eyebrow powder are contained in one palette, and each color can be combined to draw a three-dimensional and soft eyebrow that suits you.

In addition to eyebrow makeup, it is a versatile item that can be used to make a nose shadow, and also as a face shading to create a small face!

Color variation

There are two kinds of variation, Light brown “EX-4”, Brown “EX-5”.

EX-4, Light brown

The light brown EX-4 is suits for lighter hair.
It is also recommended for beginners of makeup because it is easy to adjust the shade with three colors of eyebrow powder.

EX-5, Brown

The brown EX-5 is recommended for dark hair.
The tone is lower than the light brown “EX-4”, so it is also useful when you want to make a serious atmosphere such as office makeup. It seems that it’s also popular to male user.

※In general, it is said that to make natural eyebrow, adjusting eyebrow color to the hair color or slightly brighter than the hair color.

All ingredients


Talc, mica, kaolin, phenyltrimethicone, dimethicone, Al stearoyl glutamate, dilauroyl glutamate (phytosteryl / octyldodecyl), ethyl hexyl hydroxystearate, zinc myristate, ethyl paraben, methyl paraben, Na dehydroacetate, (+/-) Gunjo ,iron oxide

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Talc, mica, kaolin, phenyltrimethicone, titanium oxide, dimethicone, Al stearoyl glutamate, dilauroyl glutamate (phytosteryl / octyldodecyl), ethylhexyl hydroxystearate, lauroyl lysine, zinc myristate, ethyl paraben, methyl paraben, Na dehydroacetate, (+/-) Gunjo, iron oxide

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【How to use】


To creates a three-dimensional natural eyebrow, the eyebrow head and eyebrow end should be drawned by lighter color, and the center area is darker color.

When making eyebrows using “Designing Eyebrow 3D”,

1.Take the eyebrow powder of the middle color with the short side of the attached brush, and draw the outline from the middle to the end of the eyebrows.

2.Take the dark color eyebrow powder with the short side of the attached brush, then add it a little to the middle area of the eyebrows.

3.Mix the lightest color and middle color eyebrow powder with the thicker side of the attached brushes, and draw them like blurring the eyebrows.

Let’s make a gradation using the eyebrow powder of three colors, dark, medium and light.

When you draw your eyebrows, you don’t draw them in one direction at a time, but please move in small increments along your eyebrows.

・As nose shadow

Use the thicker side brush of the “Designing Eyebrow 3D” , and take the lightest color powder and put it from the head of eyebrows to the eye to create a nose shadow that can create a deep three-dimensional effect. .

・As shading

Mix dark, medium and light color eyebrow powders with a large face brush and apply it to the face line, then can be expected to have a small face effect:)
Adjust the darkness while looking at your skin color.


【Feelings after using】

Because natural gradation can be made, the eyebrows don’t become flat!
The lightest color can be used for both the eyebrows and the nose shadows.
Although it is a powder-type eyebrow, it does not look too powdery and become a solid color, but a soft finish.

Below are photos I took in the order of my makeup!
You can see that the finish is a soft impression that is unique to powder, even though eyebrows are clearly colored.

The color is sold in two color patterns, EX-4 and EX-5, and by blending the colors in the palette, the skin will become more familiar, and the eyebrows will look good with any hair color.
This product reflects the color as it is seen, so the finish is not different from the image.
 Both colors are easy to use, but EX-4 is easier to use even for beginners. EX5 is recommended for people with dark hair color.

The small brush that is attached to this pallet with its tip cut diagonally and the soft, and slightly larger brush are also excellent.
The diagonally brush can draw the delicate part of the eyebrows, and the big brush is useful for making soft impression eyebrows. Big brush also can be used for making nose shadow.

The diagonally cut small brush is soft but I could draw eyebrows firmly!

A small pallet that is easy to carry has a mirror, so it can be used for fixing makeup on the go. This is small and thin, so good for bringing outside!

Add to this, Keeping color effect is marvelous, I think. I took a photo after running at gym, but my eyebrows weren’t disappeared!


1pcs: 1,100yen (without tax)

【Online Shopping】

EX-4(light brown)EX-5(brown)
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