Japanese hair straightening (thermal reconditioning) treatment salon in Tokyo

Japanese hair straightening (thermal reconditioning) treatment salon in Tokyo

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What is Japanese hair straightening(thermal reconditioning)?

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Japanese hair straightening is a technique that straightens hair with medicine and heat iron.
There are various theories, but it is generally thought that the original nutrients (proteins) in the hair are softened with a drug, and this softened protein is cured with heat and straightened.


  1. It can make any natural waves straight
  2. It can bring down the spread and volume of the hair
  3. Improves hair curling and twisting and improves hair texture
  4. By improving the hair quality, natural beauty of your hair will stand out
  5. Portions with improved natural wavy hair, spread etc. will last semipermanently
    (※However, where hair grown new, treatment is necessary again)

Basically no matter how strong, natural waves can be straight hair.
Because the hair spread and volume are also from natural waves, the volume will go down.
Even if your hair is twisted strongly, the heat treatment will improve your hair quality.
And once the treatment is applied, the effect lasts semipermanently unless heavy burden will be put on the hair.


  1. Wrong drug selection causes serious damage to hair
  2. It is difficult to change to wave-based menu once you applied straight perm
  3. It becomes difficult to make a soft and fluffy short style
  4. It feels like hair is reduced when it acts on where the volume is desired

Hair straightening is the most difficult menu among hair salon technologies.
Therefore, if make a mistake in drug selection and treatment, serious damage to the hair will occur.

Hair stylist who are good at hair straightening know the merits and demerits well, and diagnose and treat properly, so there is almost no problem with these demerits.
So it is important to choose a reliable hair stylist and hair salon.

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How is the treatment done?

①Apply the 1th drug to break hair protein binding
②Using straight iron, stretches natural waves such as swell and twist
③Fix the straight form by using the 2nd drug
By applying heat iron, it becomes possible to stretch natural waves firmly and make it a beautiful straight.

(from miles beauty salon produce by THE’RA ” https://www.the-ra.com/menu1/entry10732.html ” )

The treatment time is 2 or 2 and a half hours for a short hair, and 3 or 3 and a half hours for a long hair.
However, it also depends on the hair volume.

If you are concerned about the end time, tell a hair stylist before doing treatment.

How about the damage and safety to the hair?

Hair straightening is a treatment that tends to damage the hair, because the burden of medicine and heat is applied to the hair. In order to reduce the burden on the hair, be sure to have a hair treatment at the same time.

Also, if the hair is high damaged (such as repeated hair bleaching or daily use of hair irons), it may fail even in the beauty salon.

In some cases, it may be necessary to make a decision to skip hair straightening and improve your hair quality first, and then apply hair straightening later.
 Basically, there is a time to do counseling before hair straightening, then please tell the condition of your hair to the hair stylist in charge at that time as detailed as possible.

In addition, since hair straightening is a difficult treatment, it is important to have a reliable hair stylist who has good skills and knowledge.
However, if they make a fail, please contact the hair salon where you have been treated and have the treatment done again.

Generally, any salon can be redone free of charge if it is within a week (※ according to the rules of each salon).

These people don’t recommend hair straightening.
If you want to do, be sure to consult with a hair stylist before.

In the case of the person who corresponds to the following features, it is better not to do, and it will be not solved by hair straightening treatment.

・High damage hair(Serious hair breakage or frizzy) can’t stand up to drugs and heat treatment.
Please refer to the image below.

Img: ”

・A case where you want to apply wave-type perms to your hair soon

Hair straightening in this condition can not be applied, because the hair condition may deteriorate further.

(from Dears beauty salon ” https://dears-salon.com/syukumou-guide ” )

About aftercare

*On the day of treatment

Shampooing within 24 hours after hair straightening is not recommended.
 Hair straightening uses the powerful drugs to straighten the hair. It is safer not to shampoo until the drug-induced changes in the hair become stable.

In addition, don’t bind your hair as it will tend to remain shaped until the drug is stabilized inside the hair.
In particular, putting together wet hair is not recommended even after the drug is stable.

*Daily care

Shampoo: Let’s put shampoo liquid to a hand lightly and make foam before putting on the hair so that avoiding attached directly to the scalp.
As washing with a strong force will cause damage, wash gently as you massage. And rinse thoroughly for about 3 minutes so that there is no wash left.

Treatment: Your hair after hair straightening is very delicate. Do treatments at home to protect your hair from damage.
 When rinsing the treatment, let’s keep it to the extent that the smoothness remains.

10 Recommend item for home treatment is here

Dry: When the hair is wet, damage to the hair is likely to accumulate.
In addition, it is recommended that you dry your hair as soon as possible, as efficient of hair straightening will last longer and your damage will be reduced.

*Frequency of hair straightening

・Short or medium hair(Jaw to clavicle) : Every 3 to 4 months
 The hair grows about 1 cm in a month, so if your hair is short or medium hair, the natural waves will be noticeable when the root part extended about 3 to 4 cm .

・Long hair: Every 6 months
 If you have long hair, the lasting period will be longer, as the weight of the hair settles down a little.
 Even so, when the root part is extended by about 6 cm, the natural waves become noticeable, so depends on the strength of it, but hair salon recommend regular treatment once a half year to keep your hair straight.

(from ” https://kazuhirouno.jp/archives/8841 ” )

How much is the market price?

You need to be careful where the price is too low. If price is lower than [8000 yen], I think it is better to think that it is a bit dangerous.

Some places are very high, and there are lots of places that are over [30,000] yen. However, it is not easy to continue if price is too high, so I think that [10,000 yen-20,000 yen] is appropriate for the first time that the charge is reasonable and firm.
There are many shops that get a little higher after the second time. It is safe if price is high to some extent.

If store has a confident and popular for hair straightening, it tends to cost.
Many shops take a certain fee if the technology is solid.

6 recommended hair salons that you can do hair straightening in Tokyo

I introduce the recommended hair salons for hair straightening, which pro hair stylist recommend.
( I referred to https://xn--2lwxjz33ayig.com/syukumou-omiseeabi )
We picked up a beauty salon where you can make a web reservation, so you can feel free to make a reservation.
※Please note that the linked website is in Japanese

1. relian

Img: ” https://www.ozmall.co.jp/hairsalon/0495/

[New customer] cut + hair straightening 13500 yen

*Salon information

There are many good reviews. Not only brushes but also special straight irons are available, and they are good at hair straightening that suits your hair quality.
High quality hair straightening techniques with good reputation from both men and women is their strong point.


【Omotesando store】Kita Aoyama, Minato Ward, Tokyo 3-15-16
tel: 03-6427-5397

【Aoyama store】Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 3-5-6 Diateck Building 2F
tel: 03-6434-7091

【Ginza store】Ginza 6-4-9, Chuo-ku, Tokyo sanwa ginza Bldg4F
tel: 03-6274-6477

Web reservation from official HP is here

2. Lutia

Img: ” https://www.lutia.shop/news/syukumou/

[New customer] cut + hair straightening + amino acid treatment 9800 yen

*Salon information

Hair straightening according to the strength of natural wave hair and selectable texture.
 It is possible to finish it as natural smooth hair. They will treat to fill the gap between your wave hair strength and your ideal hair quality.
 They carefully do counseling so that treatment can be done with relived.


【Lutia Shinjuku】 7-4-5 Nishi Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 3rd floor of West Square Building
tel: 03-6279-3505
Web reservation of Shinjuku store is here (Jump to Hot pepper beauty)

【Lutia Ikebukuro】3-31-13 Nishi-Ikebukuro Toshima-ku, Tokyo Chianti 2nd Building 1F
tel: 03-5944-9440
Web reservation of Shinjuku store is here (Jump to Hot pepper beauty)

3. Rescue Hair

Img: ” https://beauty.hotpepper.jp/slnH000040377/

cut + hair straightening 19500 yen

*Salon Information

Hair straightening specialty store. They can treat to the details hair parts because they performs only hair straightening.
 They think that doesn’t give damage from the beginning is the best treatment.
 Three to four hours for one customer. Even if you hurry, you can’t make faster because they promptly handling your hair with care.


【Kita-senju store】 2-4 Hiraga Building 2F, Senju, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
tel : 03-5284-9780
Web reservation is here (Jump to Hot pepper beauty)

【Machida store】 1-33-8 Morino, Machida-shi, Tokyo Clair Morino 1F
tel: 042-850-5220
Web reservation is here (Jump to Hot pepper beauty)

4. hair Bronze

Img: ” http://seidou.jp/access/

cut + hair straightening 21000 yen

*Salon information

“Hair Bronze” treat hair straightening mainly, so this salon can be recommended for those who are suffering from the natural wave hair.
As the owner has an experience of suffering with natural wave hair, so he has very particular for it!
There are a lot of repeaters from a distance area!


Kita Ward, Tokyo 1-10-16 Oji Station Building 5F
tel: 03-3914-9208

Web reservation from official HP is here

5. Coeur de cellier

Img: ” https://www.ozmall.co.jp/hairsalon/0442/

 [New Customer] cut + hair straightening + 2 step treatment + Carbonate treatment ¥27000 ⇒¥11,880

*Salon information

Hair straightening technology certification store! For those who suffer from hair damage with repeated hair straightening. “drugs that match your hair quality” doesn’t damage the hair.

The skill of high carrier stylist & analyzing your hair & using high quality drug is point of protecting from damage.
They analyze the part that causes the damage such as previous hair straightening, perm, hair dyeing, etc., and formulate the treatment according to the part of the damage.


Tokyo Shinjuku Nishi-Shinjuku 1-18-5 Koushin Building 4F
tel: 03-5323-2377 

Web reservation is here (Jump to Hot pepper beauty)


Img: ” http://www.bulb-daikanyama.tokyo/concept.html

[New Customer] cut + hair straightening + treatment  16,200 yen

*Salon information

They will create a hairstyle that suits you with firm counseling! In addition, there are a lot of treatment menus such as Aujua and popular moroccan treatment!


Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Daikanyamacho 18-7 Suehiro Building 2F
tel: 03-6277-5877 

Web reservation is here (Jump to Hot pepper beauty)