10 best Japanese hair treatment products

10 best Japanese hair treatment products

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This time, among the hair treatments sold in Japan,I will introduce two types of in-bath hair treatment and out-bath hair treatment according to the difference in effects.

In reference to various hair treatment ranking articles in Japan, I gathered at the following points.
・ Sold on the market
・ The price is not so high
・ Received high evaluation in various articles
・ A lot of reviews

Find a treatment that suits your hair problem!

Before introducing the rankings, I will explain the difference between in-bath and out-bath treatments.

・The difference between in-bath treatment and out-bath treatment

*in-bath treatment

In-bath treatment are used after shampoo, and then wash away in bath.
This treatments are particularly effective at repairing the inside of the hair.

The hair cuticle after shampooing is open, and the treatment will be penetrated there.
The common cause of “Dried out hair” at any age is because the lack of water inside.

Ingredients that protect the hair, such as oil and amino acids, penetrate from the inside and have the effect of repairing the overall hair damage.

Since the in-bath treatment used when the hair is wet, the ingredients reach the entire hair, so it is OK to wash away immediately after adding it, but the treatment ingredients will penetrate the hair easier if the temperature is high.

To use it more effectively, cover your hair with a steaming towel and leave for about 3 minutes.

*out-bath treatment

You don’t need wash away out-bath treatment after you apply it.
As the word “out-bus” means, you don’t have to use it while bathing. Unlike in-bath treatments, it can also be used for dry hair.

Almost items have a protective function on the hair surface, mainly to prepare the surface of the hair, has the effect of protecting the hair from heat and dryness of the dryer.

On the other hand, as it doesn’t have much effect to penetrate and repair inside hair, so it’s better to use in-bath treatment for repairing inside hair.

Also it’s recommended for those who have naturally wavy hair.
It tends to spread out and swell when it dries, but the out bath treatment stays in the hair in a rich state, which prevents the transpiration of water. It will control the dried out hair and lead to a cohesive hair.

There are various types of out bath treatments, but for damaged hair, it is recommended to use milk type and oil type among them.

Because the milk type repairs water balance, it is recommended for those who care about dry.
The oil type coats the hair and protects from external damage such as heat and ultraviolet light. You can lead to more moist and rich hair by combining both.

In-bath treatment Ranking TOP5

1. PANTENE PRO-V Treatment Extra Damage Care Daily Repairing Treatment 

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Containing damage repair particles of only 1 / 1,000th or less the size of the damaged part . ( Damage to split hair, broken hair, etc. )
Even micro level damage penetrate and repair.

Prevent the loss of protein and avoid repeated damage. It also prevents future split ends. The scent is like a fresh sweet flowers and fresh fruits.

The high hair care effect by dense repair provitamin prescription.
It is particularly suitable for severe damaged hair such as many split ends and hair breakage, and you can experience salon-like treatments even on the market product.

Texture: cream type
Moisturizing ingredients: no description
Cuticle Repair & Protection Ingredients: None
Silicon: Containing
Scent: fresh sweet flowers with fresh fruits

Price: 300g 735 yen ( included tax)

2. Fino premium touch hair mask

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“Fino Premium Touch Hair Mask” is a hair care product with the concept of “rich care for hair as well as skin” developed using Shiseido skin care technology.
It contains the same essence as used for the skin, prepares the disordered “hair texture”, and lead to be shiny hair.

It is especially recommended for those who want to treat carefully while taking a bath, as it has high damage.
Despite the plenty use of beauty fluid ingredients that are rich in amino acids and minerals, an affordable price is a big attraction point.

*To check more detailed review, click here

Texture: cream type
Moisturizing ingredients: Royal jelly EX
Cuticle Repair & Protection Ingredients: Revisa EX · phytosteryl derivative
Silicon: Containing
Scent: Grace floral

Price: 230g 1188 yen(included tax)

3. TSUBAKI Premium Repair Mask

Img: ” https://www.shiseido.co.jp/tsubaki/products/mask.html

The beauty component is instantly penetrated to the hair with the concentrated beauty component excellent in repair and moisturizing effect and the technology which spreads the path inside the damaged hair deeply.

Moreover, it makes extremely smooth hair because beauty ingredients will be sealed inside the hair.

*Three Features of Making beautiful hair finish like salon

  1. Dual amino acid widens the path (CMC) of the beauty component in the cuticle that has narrowed due to the damage and makes it easy to penetrate the beauty component.
  2. Formulated dense beauty ingredients in a size that throughs the width of the beauty ingredients pathway (CMC).
  3. Dual amino acid repairs cuticle peels.
    In addition, persistent hyaluronic acid prevents moisture evaporation in the hair and keeps the moisture.

( from Shiseido official site “https://www.shiseido.co.jp/tsubaki/products/mask.html” )

Texture: cream type
Moisturizing ingredients: Sustained type hyaluronic acid
Cuticle Repair & Protection Ingredients: Dual amino acid
Silicon: Containing
Scent: TSUBAKI flower

Price: 180g 943 yen(included tax)

*To check more detailed review, click here


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“PANTENE PRO-V CLINICARE ONE WASH TREATMENT for Damaged Hair” is a special care treatment for high damaged hair ( ex. branch hair, broken hair).

It is a series that concentrates and repairs the damage accumulated on the hair and leads to the shiny hair from the inside of the hair.
A concentrated treatment with only one use, intensive repair to the most damaged hair.

Deeply penetrate deep into the dried hair. Your hair will be filled with rich moistness from the inside of the hair.
In addition, the protective film component carefully wraps hair and firmly protects the internal and external tissues of the hair.
It also focus on nano level damage of cuticles that cause split ends and breakage.

( from amazon JP https://www.amazon.co.jp/ )

A single-use treatment. There is plenty of capacity 15g, even long hair can be spread throughout the hair.
The conditioning effect is quite high, and it’s extravagant special care.

You can feel the difference at one time, so it is also recommended as special hair care before special day.
 There was also a review that “my battered hair re-born after intensive use for 10 days! “

Texture: cream type
Moisturizing ingredients: no description
Cuticle Repair & Protection Ingredients: no description
Silicon: Containing
Scent: flower scent

Price: 15g × 15pics 4220 yen (included tax)

5. Lebel IAU Deep mask

Img:” https://www.cosme.net/product/product_id/10025900/top

It is a home care hair mask released from the hair care brand “Lebel” for salons.
It approach for the damage, and treat a concentrate care from the inside hair.

Even in humid seasons, the hair will be easy to handle, with no sticky.
This item contains arginine, glycerin, etc. as a repareing ingredient.
It also contains sunflower seed extract as a color care ingredient, perfect for those who have dyed hair.

It is recommended to use once or twice a week according to the state of damage.
Be careful that if you applied too much, your hair will become sticky.

Texture: cream type
Moisturizing ingredients: Jojoba seed oil
Cuticle Repair & Protection Ingredients: no description
Silicon: Containing
Scent: fruity rose green

Price: 170g 1865 yen (included tax)

Out-bath treatment Ranking TOP5


Img: https://www.amazon.co.jp/

ELUJUDA EMULSION is a treatment that combines baobab extract, focusing on baobabs among plants that are considered to be resistant to drying.

It penetrates firmly to the inside of the hair and keeps moisture.
Because it also contains repair ingredients, perfect for damaged hair.
Keratin protein which is the cause of dry hair will flow out with daily shampoo, but it will stay in the hair longer than that and dry will be suppressed.

Texture: cream type
Moisturizing ingredients: Hydrolyzed baobab extract
Cuticle Repair & Protection Ingredients: CMADK
Silicon: Containing
Scent: fresh and sweet

2. Moroccan oil treatment

Img:” https://forcise.info/moroccanoil/item/index.html

Moroccan oil can be used for all hair types, even thick or thin hair.
Thick hair will be given flexibility, thin hair will be given elastic and firm.
Also contains vitamin E, which is ideal for damage care.

Since Moroccan oil is also used as an antioxidant and moisturizing ingredient, it relieves the dryness of the scalp and keeps it healthy.

Texture: oil type
Moisturizing ingredients: Argan oil
Cuticle repair / protection ingredient: no statement
Silicon: Containing
Scent: vanilla musk

Price: 100ml 4000 yen ( included tax)

3. LUCIDO-L ARGAN RICH oil EX hair treatment oil

Img: ” https://nonno.hpplus.jp/article/6678 “

LUCIDE-L’s Argan oil is different from ordinary Argan oil, and is formulated with ultra-high pressure Argan oil processed under pressure equivalent to 10,000 m deep sea.
Spreads to the hair faster than ordinary argan oil, and it is excellent efficient in penetration.

It moisten and coating hair one by one to lead a light, smooth and shine beauty hair.
Because it is a heat protection prescription, it has the effect of protecting the hair from external influences (heat from the dryer, UV rays, etc.).

And Argan oil rich in moisturizing ingredients and beauty ingredients invites to the smooth and shiny hair.

Texture: oil type
Moisturizing ingredients: Argania spinosa nuclear oil
Cuticle repair / protection ingredient: no statement
Silicon: Containing
Scent: floral

Price: 60ml 840 yen (included tax)

4. Napla N. polish oil

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N. Polish oil is recommended for those who have dry and spread hair.

It contains plenty of vegetable oil such as sesame oil and sunflower oil, and it gives moisture to the hair. The texture is smooth and easy to spread even in small amounts.

When put on at the time of styling, the hair will be put together and gloss is born. However, apply small quantities because it spreads well even small amount.

Because it is made of natural ingredients, it can also be used to moisturize the whole body.

Texture: oil type
Moisturizing ingredients: Shea butter, jojoba seed oil
Cuticle repair / protection ingredient: no statement
Silicon: Not Contained
Scent: Mandarin orange & bergamot

Price: 150ml 3000 yen (included tax)

5. Loretta base care oil

Img: ” https://www.loretta-jp.com/products/oil/basecare/

Because it contains damask rose flower oil, you will be wrapped in the scent of roses from the moment it is put on the hair.

When used in the morning, the scent of rose plays a role like a colon.
Before the hair dryer, if it is applied to the hair, it will reduce the spread and waviness of the hair and the dry, and realize a natural straight.

Texture: oil type
Moisturizing ingredients: Dimethiconol
Cuticle repair / protection ingredient: no statement
Silicon: Containing
Scent: rose flower

1pcs: 120ml 2135 yen(included tax)