Review: Deonatulle Soft Stone

Review: Deonatulle Soft Stone



Deonature’s most popular item, and this item became a popular at the famous word-of-mouth site “@cosme” in Japan.
It is a stick type that can be used easily, and by applying it directly to the skin, it suppresses the odor of armpits throughout the day. It’s easy to use and it doesn’t become white and sticky!

Also, Biore Roll-on Z is also popular as an antiperspirant.
This is also a direct applying type, with sterilizing action against stinking bacteria and dry mesh technology, and it is characterized by long-lasting odor prevention and keeping smooth skin.
If you are worried about a lot of sweat, check here too.



・Stick type deodorant item. Apply directly to the underarm.

・It is a refreshing and not sticky.

・Contains natural deodorant component “alum stone*”.
It has a high antibacterial action to prevent odor, and an effect to tighten the pores and suppress sweat.

・Continue for a long time by using before going out till morning to night.

・No fragrance, alcohol free and does not make itchy your skin.

・It doesn’t sticky to clothes and doesn’t turn white after using.

・There is no concern that liquid will leak because it is a solid type.

*alum stone: It is a kind of natural mineral salt exist in the volcano, and is a non-colored and fragrance-free natural deodorant ingredient called “alum”.
It is known as the world’s oldest deodorant that has been favored around the world since Roman times.

【All ingredients】

[Active ingredients]
Baked alum, isopropylmethylphenol
[Other ingredients]
Menthol, hydrogenated castor oil, cyclopentasiloxane, POP butyl ether-1, sorbitan sesquiisostearate, stearyl alcohol, BHT

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【How to use】

・Wiping sweat before using. Put on to dry and clean skin

・Turn the bottom of the stick and put out about 1 cm, then apply it to dry skin like drawing circle about five or six times.

・Please close the cap tightly after use. It prevents drying of the product and keeps the effect lasting.


【Feelings after using】

There is no effect on the clothes because it is not sticky and doesn’t become white after applying!

I have used various antiperspirants, but this is the most effective one!
If you use in the morning, it will last until night. There was no smell even if I sweat a little.

However, there is no effect to prevent armpit’s sweat. If you sweat a lot, it is safer to wipe it and then repaint it.

And there is no strange odor because this is non-perfumed type, so it’s good I can prevent unpleasant smell of mixed with sweat and perfume.

I use it not only in summer but all year round. I wear a lot clothes in winter, so I sweat even cold day.
Moreover, odors are squeezed in clothes at winter, so there is a different odor from summer…so anti-odor measures are essential even in winter.

Even after using, it is not sticky and the applied part doesn’t turn white, so it can be used with no sleeve at ease!

It is compact and can be carried around, so you can easily put on again, and as the smell doesn’t spread, you can easily repaint it anywhere.

Cost performance is also very good as it lasts long! I use almost every day more than half a year, but still remains a lot:)


20g: 880 yen(without tax)

【Related items】

*deonatulle soft stone color control

Control the dullness of the underarm with the pearl green color.
Deonatulle solved the underarm dullness color caused by self-processing, melanin pigmentation, dryness etc with the special original technology.

・Approach to the dullness color of underarm with green color.
・Pearl effect brightens skin.
・It corrects with light, so it looks natural and does not transfer color to clothes

*sara sara cream

Apply directly with your finger.
Recommended especially for those who are concerned about strong odors.

*sara sara cream for foot

・Cream type that is able to apply well with fingers even between toes which is origin of odor
・Prescription for foot. Sweat Absorbent Powder * 1 and Tea Tree Herb * 2
・Active ingredients adhere closely and prevent foot odor firmly
・Long-lasting effect with use before going out

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