Review: Kao Biore Deodorant Z Roll-on

Review: Kao Biore Deodorant Z Roll-on



・Even if you sweat a lot, you don’t smell all day. With the Biore’s unique “sweat sterilization technology”, the bactericidal action to the odor bacteria will continues long time, so long-lasting odor prevention is realized.

・Roll-on type that can be painted evenly without staining the hand.

・Because adopting “Sustainable dry mesh technology”, the sweat will evaporates and keeps drying, the skin is much more comfortable.

・Weak acidity as bare skin

・ingredients (Asnaro Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Aubergine Extract). It can also be used after shaving underarms.

・Soap scent or no fragrance

・”Antiperspirant aluminum salt” not included.
Antiperspirant aluminum salt (component with antiperspirant effect) is not used.

・Do not use if you have weak skin or alcoholic sensitive.

【How to use】

● Before use, please shake the container up and down about 3 times with the cap closed.
● Before going out or after taking a bath, please apply it under the armpits and in areas of sweat odor.
● If the ball is difficult to turn, use it after turning it with your finger.
● Wear clothes after drying.
● After use, close the cap tightly, please keep it upright.


【Feelings after using】

Because it is a roll-on type, you can apply it easily and anywhere.
It can be used even after shaving the underarms because it contains a moisturizing ingredient.
I did not have any particular sensations or irritations on my skin because it has moisture ingredients and skin-friendly. After applying, it dries quickly, so you don’t feel sticky.

The sweat doesn’t dry out soon, but there is no need to be anxious about your smell as the deodorant component remains even if you sweat a lot.

Unlike cream type, there is a convenient point that I could apply directly from the top even if I sweat a little bit! (If you sweat a lot, please use it after wiping it properly)

The product itself is compact and easy to carry, and it is also good to be able to repaint easily on the go!


1pcs(40ml): Open price (around 700~800 yen)

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