Review: Biore Makeup Refresh Sheet

Review: Biore Makeup Refresh Sheet




Image of  Biore Makeup Refresh Sheet

・ A sheet that can wipe away the shine of skin caused by sweat and sebum without dropping makeup with the unique technology of Bioré

・ Make-up may get on the sheet, but it is part of the broken make up mixed by sebum and sweat.
You can remake beautifully by removing the broken parts.

・ Because the sheet also contains lotion, it becomes fresh skin without drying

・ A refreshing feeling of use

・ Alcohol free

・ Two types of fragrance. No smell or citrus

【How to use】

Gently eliminate the sebum while pushing your face with sheet.

Don’t rubbing your face with this sheet. Please use it as gently pressing.

The makeup may be comes off a little, but it is a broken makeup parts that has been mixed with the sebum and sweat, so removing it and then re-makeup to make beautiful finish.

How to use movie by Biore


【Feelings after using】

After I walked outside for a long time in the hot weather, used this item for my shiny face. The sheets themselves are fresh and not sticky to wipe.

After I absorbed sebum as gently suppress the face with the sheet, my shiny parts like forehead, cheeks and nose became matt!

With regard to the vital make-keeping power, the amount of broken foundation after use was a very small amount, and makeup such as foundation and cheek did not almost fall off. (See before-after image below)

Almost make up parts weren’t broken

I used a sheet with a citrus scent, and I was able to refresh with a fresh scent.

There is almost no fall in makeup, but the shine was wiped away firmly, the feeling of use is refreshing so very good. Because it also contains a lotion, it won’t be dry skin after use!

It can be used immediately and does not take time because it is not necessary to use several sheets like blotting paper.

I wanna carry around in hot weather!