Review: DAISO detergent for puff sponge

Review: DAISO detergent for puff sponge


Puff Sponge Detergent is a product released by DAISO, a Japanese 100 yen shop.

A special product for removing dirt from puffs and sponges which is used when applying foundation.
Since its launch in Japan, it has become a great reputation on SNS and beauty reputation websites.


Actually, this item was renewaled before.

Left is old one, Right is new one.

★What is the difference before and after the renewal?

ingredients has changed

The old product had a weakly alkaline component, and there was a possibility that people with sensitive skin may feel a little irritation.

on the other hand, the new product has neutral ingredients, so it is more gentle for the skin.

However, there are opinions that old product is easier to remove dirt, and I also felt same thing after actually using them.

Old products may be more irritating to the skin, but have a stronger ability to remove dirt.

ingredients of old one

34% surfactant (polyoxyalkylene alkyl ether), fatty acid alkanolamide), stabilizer, water softener
Liquid type: weak alkaline

ingredients of new one

Surfactant 35% (polyoxyalkylene alkyl ether), fatty acid alkanolamide), chelating agent, dispersant
Liquid type: neutral

※Both products have no fragrance and no coloring

capacity has changed

The content of the old product is 80ml, while the content of the new product is 110ml.

The content of new products was increased because power of removing dirt became weaker.

【How to use】

★Common to old and new

Sprinkle the liquid for a dry state sponge as cover the dirty area, and blend it well with your fingertips.

If dirt isn’t removed throughly, add liquid for the dirt area again.

After washing, rinse well with water.


【Feelings after using】

Until now, I used a cleansing oil for the face to wash the sponge, but the dirt wasn’t removed perfectly as follows.

However, this DAISO product removes dirt very well!

As per the reputation, old product removes dirts more than new one.

Both products did not remove dirt in one time, but after using two or three times, as shown in the photo below, dirt was completely removed!

Although the new product left some dirts, the new product may be better for those with sensitive skin because the dirt will be removed to a level that is hardly noticeable.

By the way, it seems to be effective not only for sponge but also dirt of the foundation that has been attached to clothes.

Introducing a blog that writes an article that removes the knit foundation stain.

First of all, the dirt of the foundation that exists in this knit sweater.

After using DAISO’s puff dirt remover and rubbing it several times and leaving it for about 1 hour, it seems that the dirt disappeared after washing with water.

Dirt has been cleanly removed!

If you rub too much, the clothes may be damaged, so it is important to leave the liquid for a while.

Knits, gauze, and cotton clothes seem to be easy to remove dirt, but delicate materials such as cashmere, silk, wool, and angora require attention.

In addition, not only dirt on the foundation, but also oily things such as meat sauce and ballpoint pen could be removed with this product.

It’s amazing that it can remove not only foundation but also clothes, and even non-cosmetics!


100 yen (excluding tax) for both new and old products.

【Where Can I buy it in Japan?】

Only sold in DAISO.

There are many shops where both old and new products are placed in Japan.

Tokyo’s DAISO shop list (Japanese) →