Review: Pelican Peach Hip Care Soap

Review: Pelican Peach Hip Care Soap




Image of  Pelican Peach Hip Care Soap

Pelican Soap helps solving the following problems of hips.

・Darkened hip: pigmentation and darkening caused by friction such as underwear and stockings.
・Rough hip: By the desk work for a long time, etc., the burden on the hip becomes thickened, so it cause rough skin of hip
・Hip rashes: caused by sweaty clothes

Point 1: deadskin care

Contains scrub and peel ingredients to remove excess old skin
・ Peach scrub powder
・ Konjak ingredient
・ Fermented rose honey
・ Fruit acid

Point 2: moisturizing care

6 kinds of beauty essences to protect the necessary moisture
・ Peach leaf extract
・ Peach seed extract
・ loquat leaf extract
・ Kiwi extract
・ Arch choke leaf extract
・ Aloe vera liquid

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All ingredients

Soken base, water, peach core, mannan, gluconobacter / honey fermentation liquid, malic acid, lactic acid, citric acid, peach leaf extract, peach seed extract, loquat leaf extract, kiwi extract, arch chalk leaf extract, aloe vera juice, Glucose, tea leaf extract, glycerin, sodium chloride, BG, EDTA-4Na, etidronate, etidronate 4Na, iron oxide, fragrance

【How to use】

・Apply directly to the hips and wash it like drawing a circle. (If you are anxious about stimulation, please use it after bubbling)
・ You can do massage in part of hollow of soap.

Don’t use for weak skin areas, such as the face, because scrub power is strong!

Good scent of peach;)


【Feelings after using】

At the time of the article contribution, I used it directly on my hips and knees for a month, and the darkened parts of my hips and knees became much thinner, I felt.

My hip is thin on the right side and there are many rashes on the left side (I guess it’s because of body distortion), and the right side is almost cleaned and became smooth.
Also on the left side where there were a lot of rashes, it became much thinner than before using, and the discomfort when touched was reduced!

As for darkened area, there were also many rashes before I use it, but these parts became thinner than before.
I can’t put a picture of my hip, so I wanna confirm before-after with my darkened knee which I have never taken care of since I was born.

How is it? It getting thinner, right?
The knee, which has been rough, has become smooth and whiter than before!

After using this soap, my knees and hips changed a lot, I think:)

There is also an opinion that it is effective even if you use for decollete.
However, some people with sensitive skin got rough skin after applied directly, so please don’t use directly if you have sensitive skin!


1pcs: 648 yen( including tax)

【Where can I buy it in Japan?】

You can buy them at drug stores, Don Quixote and other cosmetic stores.

However, recently(16/10/2019) I don’t have seen in store, so I recommend for buying at online.

【Online shopping】

Amazon Japan
Qoo10 Singapore
Qoo10 Hongkong
Amazon US

*If you want to know how to buy in Amazon Japan, check here