Review: Kao Megrhythm hot steam eye mask

Review: Kao Megrhythm hot steam eye mask




Megrhythm hot steam eye mask

· The mask warms up just by opening the bag, so you can use it anytime anywhere.

· Warming eyes gently for about 20 minutes with invisible steam at around 40 degrees to relieve tiredness and tension.

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・Recommended for people who use their eyes heavily for smartphones and PCs.

· You can choose fragrance from non-scented, chamomile, lavender, rose, yuzu

【How to use】

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1. Remove the eye mask from the box

※ it will be warmed as soon as you open, so use immediately

2. Cut off perforations

3. Place the white side to your eyes

※ Please close your eyes while using.


【Feelings after using】

I can remove tiredness of my eyes and relax very much with using this.

After using, I can refresh my eyes. The temperature of this item is not too hot, it is comfortable warmth.

Actually, I have a trouble about sleeping as insomnia. I can’t sleep well almost every day because of somewhat nervous character, sensitive to anxiety and distress.

However, when I use this, I could fall asleep easier than I didn’t do anything! It has relax effect, so I can sleep well naturally and restfully without stress.

Since steam doesn’t actually come out, it can be used even when moving. For example in the airplane, shinkansen, etc.
However, please pay attention to the make-up may come off after use since it gently moistens around the eyes.


5pcs :Open price(around 400 yen)

14pcs : Open price(around 1900 yen)