Review: Chifure Washable Cold Cream

Review: Chifure Washable Cold Cream

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This product has a big reputation on SNS as “I could get rid of old skin!” and “I can do face massage while cleansing!”, so this product is too popular in Japan and stock is scarce at any store, and I finally got it after visiting around 5 to 6 stores! (And that was last one)

And also, If you are suffering from rough skin due to old skin, this product is also recommended:)


Image of chifure washable cold cream

・ Cream type cleansing that can be used for both cleansing and face massage

・ There are efficient that removing dirt of pores well, and moisturizing the skin after washing and make plump skin

・Even though it has a large content of 300 g, this is high cost performance of only 650 yen. There is also for refill item, and it is also cheap.

・ It takes time for dropping off makeup , but it can be washed away while massaging, so it is comfortable after washing away.

・It is said that cream-type cleansing is lacking of detergency, but it can drop off well even waterproof mascara

・It is mild type cleansing, so it can be used for sensitive skin. No fragrance, no coloring, no alcohol

【All ingredients】

Mineral oil 35.00%, cetyl ethylhexanoate 10.00% (cleansing ingredient), petrolatum 10.00%, stearyl alcohol 3.00%, stearic acid 2.00%, soybean oil 0.02% (oil emollient ingredient), PG 5.17% (moisturizing ingredient), polysorbate 60 6.57% ・ polyglyceryl-10 pentaoleate-10.93% (emulsifier), methylparaben 0.13% ・ propylparaben 0.07% (preservative), hydroxylated K 0.10% (saponifier), tocopherol 0.04% ・ BHT appropriate amount (product antioxidant) ), 100% water (base)

chifure official site

※Please check the official website to check the ingredients.(English)

【How to use】

*As clensing cream

  • Without getting your hands and face wet, take an appropriate amount (about cherries size) in your hand, then blend to the whole face gently.
  • If the feel of the fingertip become light texture, blending more, then wash away well with water or lukewarm water.
  • After that, please wash with face cleanser.

*As massage cream

  • At night, after cleansing face or after removing makeup, wipe off moisture of face.
  • Take an appropriate amount (about cherries size) in hand, spread for cheeks, forehead, nose, chin,
  • After massage gently, wash away well with water or lukewarm water.
  • After that, please wash with face cleanser.

( from chifure official site ” ” )

*Point of use

At first, cream texture is firm, but while spreading, it will become a light and oily texture. Make sure to blend well for the skin until it becomes light and oily texture.
If you don’t reach this states, your makeup will not drop off well. If it will be left unwashed, it cause acne. So be careful!

It will turn into oil quickly if you use with your entire palm when stretching.
Also, if you take too much amount, it will take a time to become oil, so please take an appropriate amount!

Even this amount, it is enough to the whole face for me


【Feelings of use】

It takes a long time to become oil, but after became oil, makeup was dropped off soon, and you can feel that the old plug that has been clogged in the pores falls off easily.

Until now, I thought that I could not remove the roughness of the part between the brows, but after using this cream, I was surprised because it became smooth.

Add to this, as I continue using it, I feel that my pores are getting smaller little by little. I guess that’s probably because the pores are no longer clogged by dirt.

The power of makeup removal is also no problem. The waterproof eyeliner and mascara were removed away perfectly. (See the photo below)

When dropping off the heavy makeup around the eyes, point is that dropping off after cream becomes oil.
If you try to drop off the eye makeup before it becomes oil, the skin around your eyes will be burdened.

You can feel the effect by continuing to use it. It takes some time to turn into oil, so it may be difficult to use when busy or tired, but I think you can feel effect well even if you use it three or four times a week.

Even after use, the skin doesn’t dry and it becomes soft and fluffy. The longer you massage, the smoother your skin will be.

In Japan’s SNS, it is very popular to use in combination with “Biore Face Cleansing gel for smooth skin” .
I also tried, and it is a recommended combination when you want to eliminate the plug clogged in pores absolutely.
Since both items are less irritating to the skin, it is recommended because the old plugs can be removed without irritating the skin like peeling.


1pcs 300g/650 yen(without tax)
Refill/560 yen(without tax)

【Online Shopping】

Amazon US ($21.55)
Amazon Japan (1200 yen)

If you want to know how to buy in Amazon Japan, check here