Review: Cow brand additive-free cleansing milk

Review: Cow brand additive-free cleansing milk


“Cow brand” is famous for Milk soap of “red box” and “blue box”.

It is a trusted brand because it is a long-lasting company from long time ago.

This brand get high reputation that it can be used without anxiety even for people with sensitive skin.

This time, we will introduce the popular cleansing milk among cow brand.


A milk type cleansing that is gentle to the skin, catches makeup stains and removes the dirts cleanly without placing an extra burden.
It can also be used for wet hands and face.
No additives such as coloring agents, flavoring agents, parabens, preservatives, quality stabilizers, mineral oil or alcohol.

Four reasons why cow brand item is gentle to the skin


In addition to colorants, fragrances, preservatives and quality stabilizers that may cause allergies, we have also cut all mineral oil and alcohol.

2.Carefully selected materials, hypoallergenic prescription

The ingredients are carefully selected to make the formulation less irritating to the skin.

The proteins that make up the skin are amino acids.

Contains amino acid cleaning ingredients made from the amino acids.

Finished with a formula that has less irritation to the skin.

3.Skin allergy tested (no guarantee that all people will not have allergies)

All products are tested for skin allergy and only safe formulations are used.

4.Contains natural moisturizing ingredient ceramide

Contains natural ceramide (a moisturizing ingredient) that has the same structure as ceramide on the skin and has high moisturizing power.
Protects the moisture of the skin, which tends to be delicate when dry.

You can use it with wet hands and face.

【All ingredients】

water, BG, PEG-20 glyceryl triisostearate, Triethylhexanoin, PCA-Na, PEG-5 glyceryl stearate, PEG-6 (Capryl / Capric acid) Glyceryl, Carbomer Na, Hydroxyethyl cellulose

【How to use】

Take an appropriate amount (2-3 pushes) on your palm and apply to the whole face like stroking it around.

※Can be used with wet hands

After your makeup blended well, wash it off with warm or warm water.

Eye makeup and rouge are hard to fall off, so the point is to gently and carefully blend in.


【Feelings after using】

At the moment I used it, I felt it is smooth and like I was applying moisturizing milk.

Because it extends well, even a small amount is enough.
And it is fragrance-free, it is easy to use even if you are not good at fragrance.

The makeup removal effect is not bad, but if you do it roughly, your makeup may not be removed perfectly, so use it gently and firmly.

There is an evaluation that firm makeup such as waterproof will not fall off perfectly, so it may be better to use a point remover as first.

Originally cleansing milk is not suitable for removing hard makeup, so it is recommended to use it on natural makeup. I always do so too.

There is nothing wrong with removing natural makeup.

However, the blackhead cannot be dropped pefectly, I think.

If you want to remove pore dirt, it is better to use other products which has higher cleaning power.

The best thing about this product is that it is kind to skin and has moisturizing power.

Because it contains a moisturizing ingredient, your skin will not dry after you remove your makeup, and you may feel as if there is a moisture film on your skin.

In Japan, it is very popular for sensitive and dry skin people!

Recommended for those people who are suffering from sensitive or dry skin.


1 pcs (150ml): 880 yen(without tax)

【Where can I buy it in Japan?】

You can buy them at drug stores, Don Quixote and other cosmetic stores.

However, some stores does not have this product, so online shopping is recommended if you want to get surely.

【Online Shopping】

Amazon US($11.90)
Amazon Japan(1320 yen)

*If you want to know how to buy in Amazon Japan, check here