Review: Santa marche green tea deep cleansing

Review: Santa marche green tea deep cleansing




santa marche green tea deep cleansing

・ 100% oil cut

・Skin-friendly cleansing gel, but makeup can be removed firmly.

・ Beauty green tea ingredients was combined which made by carefully selected tea leaves of Kyoto

・ Six skincare ingredients made from nature.
-Hatomugi (antioxidant, astringent action)
-Chamomile (anti-inflammatory action, astringent action)
-Hamamelis (antioxidant action, astringent action)
-AHA (keratinous soft action, metabolism promoting action)
-konjac (pore washing, exfoliation)
-Vitamin C (whitening action, astringent action)
-Osmotic collagen (moisturizing)

・Heavy makeup and pore stains can be lightly dropped off gently without giving irritation.

・ Paraben (preservative) free, petroleum surfactant free, mineral oil free

・ Eyelash extension OK,You can use it for wet hands and face.

・Refreshing aroma of green tea

【All ingredients】

Water, DPG, palm oil fatty acid PEG-7 glyceryl, pentylene glycol, ascorbyl tetrahexyl decanoate, tea leaf extract, sodium hydrogen carbonate, hydrolyzed collagen, barley seed extract, quince bark extract, chamomile flower extract, scallop leaf extract, glycyrrhizin Acid 2K, glycolic acid, BG, xanthan gum, glucomannan, hydroxylated K, fragrance, (chlorophyllin / copper) complex, carbomer, ethanol, sodium metaphosphate, phenoxyethanol

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【How to use】

Take an appropriate amount(1~3 push) and gently come off the make-up with the entire belly of the finger.

After that, wash away with water or lukewarm water. You don’t need face wash after using this.

Not slimy gel. Good smell of green tea


【Feelings of use】

Because it is 100% oil free, there aren’t “slimy feeling” like cleansing oil.
Even so, the heavy makeup (waterproof mascara etc.) can be dropped firmly. (Check the picture below!)

The gel stretches well and can cover the entire face with a push of one or two, and when wash out, it can be removed easily without leaving the gel on the face.

I was healed by the good smell of green tea while washing!

No need to wash your face after cleansing, and makeup removal itself does not take much time. It’s good for saving time!

The skin condition after washing is refreshing.
However, after cleansing, it does not dry, but there is no feeling of moisturizing, so after cleansing, it’s better to moisturize with a lotion.

It is especially recommended for people who do not like the feeling of cleansing oil!
And also High cost performance of 1,600 yen in 400 ml!

If you use it in the amount of 1 to 3 push, it can be used 2 to 3 months.

【Where can I buy it in Japan?】

You can buy them at drug stores, Don Quixote and other cosmetic stores.


400ml: 1600 yen (without tax)

If you want to know how to buy in Amazon Japan, check here