Review: AHA cleansing research wash cleansing b

Review: AHA cleansing research wash cleansing b




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«Pore Clean non-scrub Facial Cleanser»
・Although it can wash well, your skin will not be too tightened
・It’s a moist and easy-to-clean type. It can also be used for sensitive or dry skin
・It removes dirt on pores, deadskin and excess sebum to lighten and soften skin.
・A non-scrub type with a gentle feeling of use.

◆ deadskin care ingredients
AHA (malic acid), papain, kiwi extract
◆ moisturizing ingredients
Plant-based ceramide (comenuka glycosphingolipid), BG, glycerin, tea leaf extract
◆ Fragrance of fresh apple
◆ 100% plant cleaning ingredients
◆ non-scrub type

(From BCL official site )

【What is AHA?】

AHA is a component that brings a mild peeling effect with less stress on the skin. It is a naturally derived ingredient extracted from fruits.
It has the effect of softening and removing the old horny skin, so it improves the rough and dullness of the skin and leads to a transparent skin.
It is gentle on the skin than normal peeling.

【How to use】

Fluffy bubbles with facial wash net! Source:”

Drop off your make with cleansing→【AHA cleansing research wash cleansing b】→usual skin care

It’s said that this face wash including cleansing effect, but I think cleansing power is not so strong. I recommend using cleansing oil or something before using this item to come off your make up completely.


【Feelings after using】

After washing, the skin became resilience and smooth texture. I could feel that the old dead skin which causes rough has fallen. I felt good apple scent while washing! Although 1000 yen is a little expensive as a face wash for me, but it is effective as 1000 yen considering that it has also a peeling effect. (I repeated for a while, but I gave up because of financial reason… but I recommend it to the person who can afford it!)

This product also seems to have the effect of removing makeup, but I have oily skin and I basically use waterproof items to makeup, so I couldn’t remove this face wash alone. So I used this facial cleanser after came off my makeup with cleansing oil as usual. The makeup left a little after cleansing can be dropped with this item.

Because I’m not sensitive skin, so I could use it every day. However, it has very mild peeling effect, then it may be better not to use it every day if you have sensitive or weak skin.

I used it every night and could keep about one month.


1pcs (120g) : 1080 yen(included tax)

【Where Can I buy in Japan?】

You can buy at drug stores, Don Quixote and other cosmetic stores.

【Online shopping】

Amazon US ($12.01)
Amazon Japan

If you want to know how to buy in Amazon Japan, check here

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It prevents dullness, acne and pores and prepares for a bright and clean skin.
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AHA (malic acid), papain, kiwi extract are formulated

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◆ Committed horny care ingredients
In addition to common series AHA (malic acid), fermented rose honey and ceramide AHA, mineral clay (Morocco lava clay) formulation.