Review: Bifesta cleansing lotion

Review: Bifesta cleansing lotion





・This is the best item when you want to go to bed as soon as you remove your makeup!

・ This Cleansing water is made from ingredients of toner, so you can finish removing make up with one bottle of this Cleansing water! So there is no need to wash your face after using this item.

· Cleaning component can be mixed with your makeup quickly,so it easily comes off without rubbing.

・To come off make up, all you need to do is only wiping with soaked cotton.

· Oil free

【How to use】


Take cotton and include a cleansing lotion about 3 push per piece.


First, start from point make-up such as eyes and mouth. Wipe gently your point make up with containing plenty of lotion after letting it to your face



Wipe gently your entire face like slipping the cotton. If the cotton gets dirty, replace it with new cotton.



You can finish removing make up if the cotton doesn’t get dirty. Since moisture ingredients will remain on the skin, there is no need to wash away.


【Feelings after using】

Just soak up in cotton and stroke your face, makeup will comes off, so it will be useful when you want to go to bed as soon as possible. Since it’s not oil, it is unnecessary to use cleansing after this.And also there is no slimy feelings.

There is also a firm cleansing power, and most makeup will fall off just by sliding the cotton. However, parts of heavy makeup such as waterproof mascara need to be wiped out several times.

It contains lotion ingredients so your skin won’t get rough next day even if you just wipe off your face with this and go to bed soon.

So this is an excellent makeup remover when you want to skip skin care.

However, after I use it every day, I feel that clogged pores were accumlated. I think that it is good to use it only when you want to skip skin care.


300ml:Open price (around 1200 yen)