Review: THREE Balancing Cleansing Oil 200ml

Review: THREE Balancing Cleansing Oil 200ml


THREE, a Japanese cosmetics brand, sells organic skincare and cosmetics products that use organic essential oils.
It is popular with women who like organics cosmetics.

The quality of the product is reliable, and various products are ranked in the cosmetics rankings of Japanese beauty magazines.

Cleansing oil is one of the popular products and has been highly evaluated by various women!


THREE’s balancing cleansing oil is gentle on the skin and contains 88% natural ingredients. Since it uses vegetable oil with a structure which is similar to sebum, it removes dirt while reducing skin stress and leads to transparent skin.

The oil is based on limonene-rich orange peel essential oil and jojoba oil, and 15 kinds of vegetable oils are blended in a balanced.

“limonene” is a component contained in citrus peel and have lipid dissolving action.
And jojoba oil also has the effect of removing sebum, so blending them in a balanced can quickly remove dirt without burdening your skin.

Since the balance of each component is well thought out, it can be used even for sensitive skin.

The relaxible scent of bergamot and rosemary is unique to organics.

200ml is 4,000 yen (tax included), which is a little expensive for cleansing oil, but it is popular especially for adult women because it has a good balance of cleaning power, moisturizing power and aroma scent.

All Ingredients

Grape seed oil, tri (caprylic / capric) glyceryl, tea seed oil, squalane, ethylhexyl palmitate, PEG-20 glyceryl triisostearate, isostearic acid, pentylene glycol, canina rose fruit oil, jojoba seed oil, rosemary leaf Oil, Argania spinosa kernel oil, shea butter, beeswax, orange peel oil, bergamot fruit oil, sardine oil, Majorana leaf oil, Meadowfoam oil, olive fruit oil, Theobroma grangeflorum seed fat, isostearic acid PEG-12, Tocopherol, phenoxyethanol

【How to use】

Take an appropriate amount (2-3 pushes) and warm it with your palm.

Then stretch out for the entire face, and blend to your makeup.

Wash off with lukewarm water at the end.


【Feelings after using】

It is a very smooth texture that stretches well when you put it on the face.
The texture can be used for a long term because it can be applied to the entire face even with a small amount.

Detergency is not so strong, but it can be removed cleanly if your makeup is not so thick.
Even if you don’t rubbing so much, makeup can be removed just by stroking your skin.

It’s recommended for people who can’t be satisfied with milk or cream cleaning power, but feel that oil cleansing is too strong.

What should be noted is the high moisture retention.
Oil cleansing tends to become dry after washing, but it contains skin care ingredients, there are many opinions that the skin became moister after cleansing than before cleansing.

The fragrance is bergamot relaxing scent. Your daily bathing time will turn into a relaxing time:)

However, if you love waterproof mascara and eyeline, you will need to rub your makeup firmly.

The following image is an experiment to test whether the waterproof mascara, eyeline, tint lip, foundation, and eyeshadow comes off, but you can see the waterproof mascara, eyeline, and tint lip werenot dropped completely.

If you want oil cleansing with high cleaning power, FANCL mild cleansing oil is recommended:)
Even though the makeup of the waterproof comes off with high detergency, the skin does not become dry after cleansing.

As a comprehensive evaluation, this product is perfect for those who are looking for cleansing oils that are made by organic ingredients, gentle to the skin, and highly moisturizing!


1pcs (200ml) : 4000 yen(without tax)

【Online Shopping】

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