Review: CHIFURE moisture cream

Review: CHIFURE moisture cream



・Excellent efficient even cheap price. Moisturizing power is great

・Good extension on skin even in small amounts

・If you apply it at night,moisture efficient will be kept until morning

・It becomes sticky when overapplied

・Not so much good effect for acne.Only moisture effect

・ Fragrance-free, Alcohol-free, No artificial coloring

・ Refillable (56 g, JPY 600)

【How to use】

After washing face and applying toner, apply this moisturizing cream.
You can also apply it after lotion + sheet mask or other special care like beauty serum.

Ex)cleansing→face wash→toner→(sheet mask or other special care)→CHIFURE moisture cream→go to bed


【Feelings after using】

It extend well in small amounts, so comfortable to use for skin. Also, although it’s a cheap price of 700 yen, the moisturizing effect is great! If you apply it before going to bed at night, your skin will be moist until morning.

After use,my skin became glossy

However, be careful because it will be sticky if you put on too much. Please use it like an image of putting thin film on your skin.
In addition, please be particularly thin in the part where acne can easily occur. After I put on a lot on my chin, I got some acne…

You also need to be careful before makeup. If you put on too much before makeup, your make will be dropped easily.

As a total review, moisturizing effect is great with this cheap price! This item is especially recommended for dry skin.


56g: 700 yen(without tax)