Review: fancl deep clear washing powder

Review: fancl deep clear washing powder



Enzyme facial cleanser that removes dirt, darkening, and keratin plugs from pores at once and cleanses the skin.

Black powder containing charcoal and clay quickly transforms into a cushion foam that gently wraps the skin.

Removes dirt while protecting the skin’s moisture, allowing you to feel refreshed pores without dry.

As continues to be used, pores are less noticeable.

Disposable potion type.

Decomposes and removes dirt with enzymes, charcoal and adsorbed mud

It dissolves stubborn old plugs that can’t be removed by regular face washing and even removes them by “adsorption”.

Does not leave a source of rough skin.

Enzymes (Proteases): Effective for proteins that cause old horn plugs and rough skin.

Charcoal and adsorbed mud: Charcoal efficiently cleans pore dirt on the skin surface, and mud adsorbs dirt.

Enzyme facial cleansing with sugar component & hyaluronic acid

Skin moisture is easily flown with water.

To protect it, sugar component and hyaluronic acid are combined in addition to amino acid-based cleaning ingredients.

No worries about “dry skin” with enzyme cleansing.

Removes dirt while protecting moisture with amino acid-based cleaning ingredients, and sugar and hyaluronic acid keeps moisture in skin.

・No preservatives, fragrances, synthetic pigments, petroleum surfactants, UV absorbers.

All ingredients

Cocoyl glycine K, mannitol, (coconut fatty acid / palm fatty acid / sunflower fatty acid) sodium glutamate, PEG-75, dextrin, pullulan, lauroyl glutamate Na, myristate Na, agar, pyroferrite, myristate K, hydroxypropyl starch phosphate, α-glucan, talc, quartz, sodium laurate, behenyl alcohol, lauric acid K, protease, charcoal, sodium hyaluronate, silica, sodium palmitate, corn starch, stearic acid, palmitic acid K, lauric acid, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, Glycerin, allantoin, 2Na phosphate, K phosphate, iron oxide

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【How to use】

<How to make dense foam>

①After washing your hands, put one powder pack on the palm.

② While adding the water little by little, like whisking to contain the air.

Points for washing your face: Put the foam gently like rolling it from the dirt pores area.

Using a foaming net makes it easy to make dense foam.


【Feelings after using】

Facial wash characterized by black powder.

No skin irritation despite enzyme wash.

With other enzyme facial cleansers, I feel that my skin is a bit dry after washing, but I have never felt such a thing with this facial cleanser.

As it is gentle on the skin, it can be used every day. Since it can be used continuously every day, it is very good that it is easy to take with you on a trip.

However, since this facial cleanser is less irritating, its detergency power feels a little weaker than other enzyme facial cleansers.

Deep pore stains will not be eliminated unless used daily.

Because it is less irritating to the skin, it will not be as effective if used only once.

Instead, after I used it for about a week every day, I felt that my skin became smooth.

Enzyme facial cleansing is not so good for foaming usually, but this facial cleanser can easily produce a dense foam if you use a foaming net, and it feels good while washing face.

Although it is a dense foam, it can be easily rinsed off.

I think this product is good for sensitive skin people who want to use enzyme cleansing.

In addition, it is perfect for taking on a trip because it is a small individual package.


30pcs: 1980 yen(including tax)

【Where can I buy it in Japan?】

You can buy them at drug stores, Don Quixote and other cosmetic stores.

【Online shopping】

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