Review: Kanebo suisai beauty clear powder

Review: Kanebo suisai beauty clear powder

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① A combination of two enzymes & amino acid based cleaning ingredients that degrade old protein and sebum that are the cause of clogged pores

Suisai’s Enzyme Cleansing Powder contains two types of enzymes and amino acid based cleansing ingredients. These two enzymes and amino acid based cleansing ingredients remove old proteins and excess sebum and provide smooth skin.

In addition, it is hard to getting dry skin because it only removes the dirt on the surface with enzymes. If you continue to wash with enzyme face wash regularly, you can approach the transparent skin.

② It keeps the function of enzymes that tend to decline

The essential enzymes that are included in the Enzymes cleansing powder, there are weak points that efficiency may be reduced by moisture or high temperature. The function of this enzyme is essential to firmly remove pore dirt.
To wash face without degrading the function of the enzyme, the choice of enzyme washing is important.

Suisai beauty clear powder is not in the form of single particles but in the form of granules, so the structure is resistant to moisture. In addition, the function of the enzyme lasts because the moisture is sucked into the interstices of the granules.
Then, the function of the enzyme will be easy to continue, and it will work for the removal of the pore dirt and the stratum corneum firmly for that minute. This is a unique technology unique of suisai!

③ Kanebo products that have been selling enzyme cleansers since 1963 & No.1 sales between 5 years

Kanebo has been selling enzyme face cleansers since 1963.
Initially it was a washed away-type face cleanser, but as a result of continuous improvements, granular powder type face cleanser was launched in 2005.

Suisai’s Enzyme Cleansing Powder is a most popular Enzyme Cleansing Powder that for the five years in the face wash (counseling) market.
Because of Kanebo’s long history and products made with many technologies, beauty clear powder wash has become a popular product that has received a high degree of trust even now.

*Intage SRI Facial Cleanser (Counseling Products) Market January 2014-December 2018
Conventional product Included

④ Cleaned because they are individually packaged one by one

Since suisai’s enzyme cleansing powder is packaged individually one by one, it is safe as hygienic. In addition, it is able to prevent overuse because it’s single-use type. It is also very useful because it’s small and easy to carry during travel.

⑤ Effective for acne care

It is also recommended that suisai’s enzyme face wash powder be used as an acne cleanser for preventing excess sebum. Since suisai’s enzyme cleansing powder removes old protein and sebum dirt from the pores, it also leads to acne care. 

*Can suisai’s enzyme face wash be used for sensitive skin?

Suisai’s Enzyme Cleansing Powder is a fragrance-free, coloring-free, additive-free, so this is less burdens for the skin. So it’s easy to try even sensitive skin.
However, preservatives are included, please do patch testing before use if you have weak skin.
Although Suisai’s enzyme cleansing powder can be used for relatively sensitive skin, it seems that some people have symptoms such as burning pain after cleansing.
Because the cleansing power is excellent, so if you are concerned about the burden on the skin, let’s first determine whether it suits your skin.

All ingredients

Talc, cocoyl isethionate Na, olefin (C14-16) sulfonate Na, lauroyl glutamate Na, myristoyl glutamate Na, lauric acid K, carrageenan, silk, water, methicone, BG, isostearyl alcohol, BHT, ethanol, polyquaternium- 51, Lactobacillus / soymilk fermentation broth, Dutch mustard extract, lactic acid, hydroxylated K, protease, lipase, methylparaben, phenoxyethanol

*Note that the cleaning power is reinforced by the inclusion of the “protease”.
While it has the power to break down pore dirt and so on, excessive use of enzyme system also damages skin proteins, so there is a concern that it may be a burden on the skin.

【 What is enzyme face wash?】

1. Firmly catch dirt on pores with the power of enzymes

Enzyme cleansing is a facial cleanser that removes old sebum and dirt in the pores firmly by the power of enzymes, and leads to a clean and beautiful skin.
As an enzyme component, plant-derived products such as papain and pine are often used, so it is a relatively gentle to the skin. It is also popular for pore care, as it removes dirt pores and old plugs that can’t be removed with ordinary face wash.

2. It can remove old horny accumulated on the skin

Enzyme-cleanser removes old keratin and old sebum that has accumulated on the skin.
If there are old dead skin on your skin, the skin function is also reduced, which may cause other skin problems.
So, caring skin with enzyme cleansing is needed so that you don’t keep old dirt on your skin.

3.Raise penetration of next skin care

By removing dirt pores and old keratin with enzyme cleansing, the penetration power of the next skin care items will be greatly enhanced.
As the pores are not clogged, the skincare ingredients are more likely to penetrate deep into the skin.


【How to use】

Wet the face and hands beforehand. Take 1 dose (1 capsule) of powder on the palm or face-washing net and lather well with a small amount of water or lukewarm water to wash the face. Please open from the end of the seals.

In addition, I strongly recommend using a face-washing net personally. If you make a lot of bubbles, the bubbles will conform to the entire face, and the power of enzymes will spread to every corner, so the feeling of the skin after use is completely different.

If your skin is weak, it also effective just to mix small amount powder for usual face wash.

*How often can I use it?

If you use for the first time, start from once a week
This beauty clear powder wash is recommended to be used once or twice a week because it has a higher detergency than regular face wash.
If you use it for the first time, start with once a week. If you feels the skin becomes smooth, it is evidence that the enzyme is removing old horny.

Then follow the skin condition
After the first use, if there are no skin problems, and if you feel roughness of the skin, using 2-3 times a week. If you feel stimulation on your skin, please use once a week or stop using it.

* Important points to know when using suisai enzyme cleansing

・Avoid skin care that stimulates the skin
 Enzyme cleansing powder has highly cleansable power, so avoid peeling care and other burdening skin care such as blackheads remover packs.

・Firmly moisturize after cleansing
It is also important to moisturize skin after cleansing.
Since suisai’s enzyme cleansing powder contains moisturizing ingredients, it may not feel the importance of moisturizing care as it does not feel dryness after cleansing, but your skin become susceptible to external stimuli after cleansing.
So it is important to take care of moisturizing well and protect skin from irritation such as dryness.

【Feelings after using】

As it is divided into 1 pack, I can always use fresh. I use it as a special care once or twice a week, and it is amazing that the texture of my skin become very smooth and this condition lasts for a while(actually 2~3 days) !
As there are not many products that can sustain smooth skin as well as removing dirt, so it is a point I think that is great.
I didn’t buy it especially for the purpose of acne prevention, but I think that the frequency of appearing acne could be reduced after I started using it. Also, I feel that my skin get tightened and dullness was removed. The enzyme face wash is great.

However, in my opinion, I feel that I couldn’t get an effect at once. After using it a couple of times, you may be able to feel effeicincy.
So let’s use it about once a week, even if you don’t feel the effect at once.
You should be able to realize that your skin will gradually become beautiful!

In addition, as I said on how to use, it is better to use a face-washing net rather than using in the palm. The reason is that if you use a face-washing net, you can make a lot of fine bubbles, and you can spread it to every corner of the face.

In addition, you can be mixed with another face wash if you are concerned about irritation for skin.
It is effective even when mixing it with the face wash that you always use!

Since this is small portions, it’s also a good point that it is easy to bring it to travel etc.
After I use this face wash, the skin firmness is completely different, so I would like to use it regularly from now on!


1 pack (32pcs) : 2000 yen(withoutt tax)

【Online Shopping】

Amazon US($21.43)
Amazon Japan(1830 yen)