Review: ROHTO Hadalabo Gokujyun Hatomugi Bubble Face Wash

Review: ROHTO Hadalabo Gokujyun Hatomugi Bubble Face Wash


Hadalabo, which is known as a popular Gokujyun series, has released a facial cleanser with hyaluronic acid and Hatomugi extract that works on adults rough skin!


Foam cleansing that does not require foaming by yourself.
 Elastic and soft foam wraps around the entire skin.

■Formulated with active ingredients that prepare skin and approach the cause of rough skin

1 Hatomugi Extract

Extracted from hatomugi seeds. Moisturizes and prepares rough skin.

2. Dokudami Extract
A plant ingredient that focuses on skin beautification. Extracted from flowers.

3. Chamomile flower extract
Extracted from chamomile flowers. It tightens the pores.

4. Glycyrrhizic acid
Prevents rough skin.

5. Epsilon-aminocaproic acid
Prevents rough skin.

■Contains a moisturizing ingredient not only prepare rough skin

·hyaluronic acid

An excellent moisturizing ingredient that is also stored in places that contain a lot of moisture in the body, such as tears and skin.
With a high water holding capacity that holds 6L of moisture in 1g,
Cover your entire face with moisture.

・ Squalane

A moisturizing factor (sebum component) that is inherent to the skin and supplements the skin with reduced sebum.
With a moisturizing power that is not sticky,
Protects the skin surface from dryness.

【All ingredients】

Water, Lauric acid, Sorbitol, PEG-75, Myristic acid, Hydroxide K, Cocamide DEA, Decylglucoside, BG, Glycyrrhizic acid 2K, Aminocaproic acid, Yokuinin extract (Bombus extract), Dokudami extract, Chamomile flower extract, Hyaluronic acid Na , Squalane, camphor, glycerin, rosemary leaf oil, palmitic acid, menthoxypropanediol, PEG-80 sorbitan laurate, steareth-20, sodium bicarbonate, polyquaternium-39, EDTA-2Na, ethanol, butylcarbamic acid iodide Propynyl, phenoxyethanol

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【How to use】

After getting your hands wet, gently wash the appropriate amount (about 2 to 3 pushes) with your hands, and then rinse thoroughly.


【Feelings after using】

There are many pump type face cleanser that are quite weak foam, but this produces a solid foam!

Enough to wash your entire face with one push.

I use it when washing my face in the morning.
Until now, I wased my face only water in the morning, but
in order to reduce acne, I decided to use a cleanser in the morning.

However, in the morning, it’s cumbersome to lather face wash:(
I thought so and bought this product.

I used it for about a month, and I think my pimples getting less after I started using this foam cleanser in the morning.

I was worried at first because it smelled like medicine, but I quickly got used to it and there were no problems on my skin until now.

Above all, bubbles will come out when you press the pump, so it’s good to save the time in the morning!

Because it contains a moisturizing ingredient, my skin does not dry out, but I felt that the extra sebum was removed.

The price is around 500 yen, so it’s not so expensive, so I can buy without hesitating!


1pcs (160ml) : around 500 yen

【Where Can I buy it in Japan?】

You can buy them at drug stores, Don Quixote and other cosmetic stores.

【Online Shopping】

Amazon US
Amazon Japan(445 yen)

*If you want to know how to buy in Amazon Japan, check here