Review: Rosette Cleansing Paste

Review: Rosette Cleansing Paste



This time, We will introduce “Rosette Cleansing Paste” series, which boasts a long seller in Japan for over 50 years.
Among them, I would like to recommend a green that has a firming effect on pores, and a blue that helps prevent rough skin!

Both are cheap and easy to use, so I have been using it for over 10 years since I was a student. Skin condition is completely different before and after using this cleanser! I have been plagued with acne-prone skin for many years, but since I started using this cleanser, my skin became calm.
Let’s look at the features of the product!


Images of Rosette Washing Paste
Images of Rosette Washing Paste


A facial cleansing foam containing seamud (Kaidei) rich in minerals and a plant extract.

Durable and elastic bubbles including fine seamud powder adsorb and remove extra sebum and dirt. Make your skin smooth and moisture.

No Color, No mineral oil, No scent

All ingredients

Water (purified water), myristic acid K (vegetable soap), stearic acid (skin protection agent), glycerin (humectant), stearic acid K (vegetable soap), DPG (humectant), sulfur-containing silicate Al (Sea mud, detergent) ・ Lauric acid K (plant soap) ・ Lauramidpropyl betaine (plant soap) ・ Talc (feel improver) ・ Kaolin (feel improver) ・ Octenyl succinate trehalose (detergent) ・ Nebara Fruit extract (rose fruit extract, moisturizer), glycyrrhetinic acid (skin fuconditioning agent), ethanol (cleaning ingredient)

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Medicated cleansing foam which contains anti-inflammatory & moisturizing ingredients.

Sea mud & ghassoul (morrocan clean ingredients) adsorb and removes blackhead, clears pld extra clogged pore, suppresses inflammation and prevents a pimple.

No Color, No mineral oil

All ingredients

Active ingredient: Stearyl glycyrrhetinate
Other ingredients: myristic acid, concentrated glycerin, palmitic acid, stearic acid, lauric acid, potassium hydroxide, lauric acid amidopropyl betaine solution, BG, palm oil fatty acid amidopropyl betaine solution, N-coconut oil fatty acid acylglycine potassium solution, Glycosyl trehalose / hydrogenated starch decomposition product mixed solution, kaolin, montmorillonite, sulfur-containing aluminum silicate, hydrogenated soybean phospholipid, trimethylglycine, olive oil, buckwheat extract, soybean extract, dokudami extract, acrylamide / acrylic acid / dimethyldiallylammonium chloride Copolymer liquid, dimethyldiallylammonium chloride / acrylamide copolymer liquid, hydroxyethanediphosphonic acid, tetrasodium edetate, sodium benzoate, fragrance

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【Feelings after using】

I use facial washing net.


Make you feel refreshing after cleansing. The pores are tightened after cleansing. Pore ​​dirt firmly comes off, but it leaves moisture. So after cleansing with using this,the skin becomes smooth!


Comes off dirt and blackhead firmly in the pores. Since I started using this, pimples became hard to appear. Very good facial cleanser for a acne prevention.

Common impressions:

The texture is like clay. The bubbles are sticky and resilient. After washing away, it is refreshing and there is no slimy.

The smells like clay a little, but not so strong.

Cost performance is also good.It works well even this cheap price!So I have repeated to buy this item for nearly 10 years!



120g: 648 yen each(include tax)

【Where Can I buy in Japan?】

You can buy at drug stores, Don Quixote and other cosmetic stores.

【Online shopping】


Amazon US ($7.99)
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Amazon US ($6.98)
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