Review: EAUDE MUGE medicated skin milk

Review: EAUDE MUGE medicated skin milk



Image of eaude muge medicated skin milk

By stress and hormonal imbalance such as before menstruation or dryness, Acne will occur repeatedly.

The milk lotion of the [Eaude muge series], which is a long seller for over 50 years since its release, cleans skin by removing accumulated dirt and sebum, and by giving moisture to leads healthy skin that is hard to cause acne and skin irritation.

  • Anti-inflammatory ingredients prevent skin rough and improve skin condition.
  • Moisturizing ingredients moisturize the skin and prevent dryness.
  • It’s not sticky but smooth.
  • Allergy tested (It does not mean that allergies will not occur to everyone)

【How to use】

Wash your face and use this after applying lotion.
The appropriate amount is about the size of cherries.


【Feelings after using】

It is a smooth liquid and not sticky after use. Instead, it don’t have much moisturizing ability, so it may not enough for people who have dry skin.

It is enough for me because I’m oily skin. I applied it at night and moisturizing effect had continued until morning.

It’s very smooth and extends well

I felt that it is very effective in curing and preventing acne. As soon as I changed the milk lotion to this, the curing of acne became faster, and it became difficult to appear acne.

 I’ve always been looking for an effective milk lotion for acne, but I may have finally reached the optimal solution!

 However, the smell was a little bother me at first. As it is a fragrance-free and medicinal skin care product, it smells like a medicine. But I keep using it because it is effective despite the smell.

As it is a milk lotion specialized only for acne, there is no effect such as whitening effect.
For those who really care about acne and want to cure acne seriously.
I think that it is also good to use only when the acne is severe because there is an immediate effect.

Because the price is not so high, I think it is better to try it if you are suffering from acne.

I use a combination of eaude muge medicated wiping lotion to increase acne prevention effect, and they are quite effective so I use everyday in the set.


1pcs(100ml): 1047 yen(included tax)