Review: eaude muge medicated wiping lotion

Review: eaude muge medicated wiping lotion




EAU DE Mphoto_UGE medicated wiping lotion
Images of EAU DE MUGE medicated wiping lotion

· Cleaning toner specialized in anti-acne which containing anti-inflammatory ingredients

· It sterilizes the causative bacteria of a pimple, wipes off old dirt pores, and leads to the skin which hard to make a pimple.

· This is a long seller item that lasts more than 50 years since its release.

· It contains alcohol, so please do patch test before using if you have weak skin

・It can also be used for the entire body, such as the decolletage and back

・Allergy tested,non-comedogenic

【All ingredients】

Active ingredient
Isopropylmethylphenol, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate
Other ingredients
Ethanol, glycerin, propylene glycol, macrogol 4000, fragrance, purified water

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【How to use】

After cleansing, wipe your face with cotton soaked in a lotion. After that, do skin care as usual.

Please use it dipped in cotton.

Example: makeup removal → washing face → wipe off your face with EAU DE MUGE medicated wiping lotion → moisturizing toner → milky lotion

※There is not much moisturizing effect in this lotion itself, so please use skin care with moisturizing effect after using this!


【Feelings after using】

The feeling of use is refreshing. I use it as a pimple preventive especially chin and forehead, where pimples are likely to occur. If I don’t use it, the frequency which pimples occuring is completely different. Even when your skin is likely to become rough before menstruation, this toner makes hard occuring a pimple.
This is good for preventing pimples by using this toner every day.

Sometimes you notice that the cotton becomes dirty after you wipe off with this. This is the proof that old dirt pores and make-up dirts which could not come off by washing face are cleanly wiped off.

I was able to get rid of the dirt that I couldn’t remove by washing face.

However, there is not much moisturizing effect in this toner, I recommended to use it in combination with other toner and milky lotion with moisturizing effect as I mentioned in”How to use”.

Also, there is not so much immediate effective on pimples that has already became big,I felt. However, there is an effect on preventing pimples become big and red.


160ml:970 yen(without tax)

500ml:2600 yen(without tax)