Lululun face mask popular ranking in Japan

Lululun face mask popular ranking in Japan


As a pioneer of inexpensive and high-quality sheet masks, LuLulun has been sold in Japan since 2011 and has sold more than 1 billion sheetmasks in Lululun series. (Statistics from 2011 to 2019)

Lulurun has many series now, and it is difficult to grasp and use all of them.

So, I verified several Japanese sheet mask ranking comparison sites and created popular sheet mask rankings based on original own statistics!

※The sites I compared include Japanese popular cosmetic review sites such as “LIPS”, “lulucos” and “@cosme”.

If you are Lulurun seat mask fans or who want to try, check this ranking page!

table of contents

1. Lululun Precious RED

This type specializes in aging care and thoroughly pursues moisturizing effects.

It was popular for dry skin people, and after use, there were a lot of opinions that the their skin became very soft and moisturized.

Even during cold weather, it has a reputation for moisturizing the skin all day.

Feature of Lululun Precious Red

Ingredient “L22” that reproduces 22-year-old skin

A plant-derived oil, L22, that reproduces 22-year-old sebum, and maintains a sebum balance that tends to collapse with age. Saving dryness and leads to healthy skin.

Contains “Sakuran” ingredients with high water retention effect

Plenty of moisture ingredients of rare freshwater seaweeds and suizenji seaweeds from Kumamoto Prefecture.

With 5 times the water retention capacity of hyaluronic acid, it charges luxurious moisture to every corner of dry adult skin.

Create a water veil on the skin surface.

Contains “Shiro Koji” extract

We focus on the fermentation effect of “Koji”, which is indispensable for Japanese life. Rich in AHA (fruit acid), gently peels off old keratin by soft peeling action.

Arranges skin cycle and brings bright softness to skin.

Contains rice serum

Contains three types of rice-derived ingredients, white birch extract, purple brown rice extract, and hydrolyzed rice extract.

Wrap with moisture rich in ingredients that focus on moisturizing adult skin and approach wrinkle line. Leads to plump skin.

Contains plum fruit extract

A luxurious beauty extract of South Kishu plum, the finest brand of Wakayama, born under abundant rain and mild weather.
Creates moist and fresh skin by conditioning skin flexibility.

Price:32 sheets 1600yen (without tax)

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2 . Lululun Precious Green

Green is a product that focuses on skin maintenance, so it is popular with people with mixed type skin that has unstable skin conditions.

There were many opinions that the skin was moisturized and that the skin became less rough.

Contains a lot of ingredients to condition the skin.

Feature of Lululun Precious Green

Ingredient “L22” that reproduces 22-year-old skin

A plant-derived oil, L22, that reproduces 22-year-old sebum, and maintains a sebum balance that tends to collapse with age. Saving dryness and leads to healthy skin.

“Green” vitality that leads to health. Moss cell culture extract

Moss was born 470 million years ago.
An extract that takes advantage of its vitality which adapts quickly to climate change will approach to the original functions of the skin that tend to decline with age.
Moisturizes and leads to healthy skin.

To elastic skin that reflects light. Homeoage

An extract derived from French seaweed, rich in over 60 minerals, over 12 vitamins, carbohydrates and amino acids.
It works on various factors that control the elasticity of the skin and brings transparency to the skin.

Osmotic collagen that leads to strength with dense moisture for skin

Collagen penetrates skin firmly.
It fills the stratum corneum with a rich moisture and prepares the skin’s natural moisture retention, leading to a lively skin.

Giving moisture. Gluco-oligosaccharide

The fermentative power of natural gluco-oligosaccharides obtained from sucrose and maltose is used as a cosmetic ingredient. Prepares healthy skin and brings moisture.

Price:32 sheets 1800yen (without tax)

from lululun official site


3. Lululun Blue

Moisturizing effect is preeminent and it’s popular in cold seasons and for dry skin.

If you put it on at night, the next day’s skin is soft and shiny.

Contains ingredients to supplement and keep the moisture necessary for the skin.

Feature of Lululun Blue

Moisturizes your skin with prickly pear cactus water retention effects in the desertサボテンはスーパーフード/

The vitality of the prickly pear cactus that survives the intense sunlight, extreme dryness, and extreme temperature differences in Mexico.

Keeps the skin moist with the power of the cactus that keeps moisture in harsh environments.

Abundant nutrients prepare skin tone.

Give vitality and give moisture for the skin

The Canadian North Atlantic Ice Sea is closed by snow and ice.

There are seaweeds on the bottom of the sea living in the extremely cold with a water temperature of 1 ℃.

Extracts from this seaweed with strong vitality will fill your skin with plenty of moisture.

Moisture magnet effects support the natural power of the skin

Contains moisturizing ingredients derived from sugar.

Not only is the moisture component of the skin, NMF, similar to the structure and it is easy to adjust to the skin, but it also binds to the skin so that it is not washed away.

Keeps moisture and keeps the moisturizing effect.
This water retention power also supports the original workings of the skin.

Moisturizes skin and prevents rough skin

A beauty ingredient is a peony that blooms white and lustrous flowers on a sleek stem.

A beauty extract that focuses on the relationship between vitamin D, dryness, and rough skin, for healthy skin.

Fills the skin with plenty of moisture to prevent rough skin.

Price:32 sheets yen (without tax)

from lululun official site

4. Lululun Pink

This sheet mask balances the skin for the purpose of beautifying the bare skin.

After use, it is popular that it is moisturized but not too sticky and can be used every day regardless of skin type.

Contains ingredients that bring out the natural beauty of the skin while preventing rough skin.

Check more detail review of Lululun pink

Feature of Lululun Pink

Moisturizes skin and prevents rough skin

A beauty ingredient is a peony that blooms white and lustrous flowers on a sleek stem.

A beauty extract that focuses on the relationship between vitamin D, dryness, and rough skin, for healthy skin.

Fills the skin with plenty of moisture to prevent rough skin.

Make your skin balance and shine smoothly

Yeast-derived extract inspired by a collection of microorganisms in cherry nectar.

It contains abundant nutrients to make your skin healthy, and creates a shining skin by adjusting the skin balance that tends to collapse in daily life.

Gives the skin moisture

The fermentative power of gluco-oligosaccharide obtained from natural sugar, sucrose and maltose is used as a cosmetic ingredient.

It makes your skin healthy and brings out a moisturizing effect.

Giving resilient and transparent to the skin.

An extract derived from mandarin orange that focuses on the elements that control skin resilient.

Make fluffy skin and brings out the transparency of the skin.

36 sheets: 1500 yen(without tax)

from from lululun official site

5. Lululun White

Quick approach to skin damage caused by UV rays.

Since it is moisturized and refreshed after use, it is easy to use even in hot weather.

It has a light texture and can be used in the morning and before makeup.

Contains ingredients to enhance skin transparency.

Feature of Lululun White

To moisturize and lighten skin

Peptides that are difficult to penetrate into the skin as they are, but this face mask makes easy to reach them to the skin.

The skin is moisturized and given a bright skin impression.

To the skin that softens the skin and bounces the light

Elderflower, known as “country herb”, has been popular with Europeans since ancient times.

Abundant nutrients such as tannin and vitamin P that support the absorption of vitamin C soften the skin and deliver a glow that bounces off the light.

4 kinds of osmotic vitamins to make luminous skin

Four types of vitamins A, B (panthenol), C, and E, are easily penetrated into the skin by using nanoemulsion technology.

Delivers luster to skin that becomes dull due to rough skin or dryness.

Moisturizes skin and prevents rough skin

A beauty ingredient is a peony that blooms white and lustrous flowers on a sleek stem.

A beauty extract that focuses on the relationship between vitamin D, dryness, and rough skin, for healthy skin.

Fills the skin with plenty of moisture to prevent rough skin.

32 sheets: 1500 yen + tax

from from lululun official site

6 Lululun One night rescue peeling skin off

This is a thick sheet unlike others!
At how to use, after using as sheetmask, please folded and wiped off after, and the old skin was wiped off.

The thick sheet was gentle on the skin and did not tingle even on the soft skin after the mask.
Because it is alcohol-free, it was usable without anxious.

Because it contains a variety of moisturizing ingredients such as fermented rose honey, passion fruit extract, lipidid, and fermented yeast cell wall extract, it may have made it feel gentle on the skin.

Although it is a wiping type, it can be used safely with little irritation.

Feature of Lululun White

Fermented rose honey

A mildly exfoliating soft peeling efficient that gently turns off the dead skin and gives the skin a glossy appearance.

Passion fruit extract

Prevents dullness causing dryness and leads to transparent skin.


A highly moisturizing ingredient that is familiar to the skin and has the power to retain water retention even after washing with water

Fermented yeast cell wall extract

Supports skin barrier function and protects the skin to prevent rough skin caused by external stimuli.

Price: 200 yen + tax(1 sheet type only)

7. Lululun One night rescue Moisturizing

Moisturizing power is quite high in the Lulurun series, and the next day you use it, your skin is full with moisture.

Because it contains plenty of beauty serum, it’s also good to be able to be used on the whole body after wearing a sheet mask.

The finish is moisturized without getting sticky.

Feature of Lululun One night rescue Moisturizing

Royal Jelly Extract

Natural extract rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Excellent moisture retention and elasticity, leading to moisture and firmness.

Glyceryl glucoside

Contains highly moisturizing ingredients that are also included in Milottamnus, the so-called “Resurrection Tree” native to Africa.

Hydrolyzed collagen

Moisturizing ingredient characterized by high penetrating power.

By putting a thin film on your skin, you won’t miss out on the beauty ingredients contained in the sheet mask.

Cinderella Care

It works on the UV troubles you care about, and leads to clear, firm skin.

Price: 1pcs(35ml) 200yen + tax

8. Lululun Precious White

It has a refreshing feeling of use and is moisturized, and it has a reputation for brightening the skin tone after use.

There was an opinion that the skin condition improved every time it was used every day and vitamin C was included, so it can be expected to prevent acne.

Feature of Lululun Precious White

Ingredient “L22” that reproduces 22-year-old skin

A plant-derived oil, L22, that reproduces 22-year-old sebum, and maintains a sebum balance that tends to collapse with age. Saving dryness and leads to healthy skin.

Contains detoxic white for moist and clear skin

Pepper used in salads and soups in Europe.

The ingredients in the sprout of pepper is sulforaphane, full of vitality, was made to nano-sized for beauty ingredients.

Approaches the troubles of adult skin and creates shining skin.

Passioline that gives healthy elasticity

A new oil / passioline extracted from Amazon’s passion fruit (Malakuya) seeds by cold pressing.

Abundant nutrients such as tocopherol and beta-carotene supplement the skin and keep it shiny.

The royal road of dullness care. Two vitamins

For dullness due to dryness, we use osmotic vitamin C derivatives that provide clear transparency and vitamin E derivatives that approach aging signs such as rough skin.

Prepares adult skin to a smooth “clean skin”.

Dragon fruit extract that creates sparkling skin

A tropical dragon fruit with vivid colors like a jewel.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, it provides the skin’s natural functions and brings a radiant healthy skin that makes it fun to look in the mirror.

Price: 32 sheets 1500 yen + tax

from from lululun official site

9. Kyoto Lululun(Scent of tea flower)

Kyoto Lulurun is one of the Lulurun regional limited series and is sold exclusively in Kyoto.

In the regional limited series, the ingredients used by the products are also very different.

Kyoto Lululun was finished with tea leaves from Kyoto and has a refreshing scent of tea flowers.

The sheet is a little thin and feels moisturized while being refreshed.

This sheet mask are recommended for those who want to improve skin gloss, and it contains plenty of good ingredients from Kyoto.

Feature of Kyoto Lululun

Skin conditioning ingredients

  • Kyoto Uji tea leaf extract * Cha leaf extract
    Contains Uji tea leaf extract from Kyoto to smoothen your skin. Please relax with the fragrance of rich tea.
  • Sakura leaf extract * Yoshino cherry leaf extract
  • Provitamin B5 * Bantenol

Resilient and glowing skin ingredients

  • Kyoto Mayutama Extract (Silkworm cocoons extract)
    Contains Kyoto Mayutama extract made from cocoons. The beauty ingredient, sericin, creates a thin film on the skin surface to prepare the skin condition and create shiny skin
  • Tea leaf extract

Moisturizing ingredients

  • Tea seed oil
     Chanoki, which leaves are used as tea. The rare oil extracted from the fruit that becomes this chanoki is blended luxuriously. The emollient effect and high penetrating power lead to moist skin.
  • Adsorption type hyaluronic acid
    * Hyaluronic acid hydroxy Propyltrimonium

from from lululun official site

Price: 7sheets × 5pcs 1500 yen + tax

10. Ise Lululun(Scent of woods)

“Ise Rururuun” contains “Sakaki Leaf Extract” extracted from the leaves of Ise’s Sakaki first as a moisturizing ingredient in Japan!

The scent is “scent of woods”, and it is a scent that you can relax while wearing.

This “Ise Lululun” was born from the spirit of Ise that “thanks every day and cherishes every day” and Lululun’s spirit of “Making women ’s everyday happy”.

“Ise Jingu” in Ise, Mie Prefecture is said to be the first emperor shrine of Japan.

It’s a very special place in Japan that is said to have special power.

Of course, the sheetmask also has a lot of ingredients that are good for moisturizing the skin.

After use, it will be moisturized and the next day’s skin tone will improve.

Feature of Ise Lululun

Eggplant fruit extract that preserves the natural beauty of the skin

Extract extracted from Japanese traditional vegetables, eggplant.
Contains abundant polyphenols such as nasnin, giving your skin a refreshing firmness and elasticity, maintaining the original beauty of your skin.

Apple fruit extract that leads to fresh skin

Extracts squeezed from fresh apple fruits. Nutrients contained in the fruit have a moisturizing effect, moisturize the skin and bring freshness for the skin.

Carrot root extract giving bright transparency to the skin

Extracts which is extracted from carrot root rich in carotene and potassium. Carotene has a function that keeps the skin smooth, prevents rough skin and leads to bright, transparent skin.

Unshu mandarin peel extract with abundant nutrition

Citrus and mandarin oranges are said to be born in Japan. The mature pericarp, which has long been prized as a Wanhan, keeps the skin healthy and brings out a lively beauty.

Price: 7sheets × 2pcs 1000yen + tax
7sheets × 4pcs 1700yen + tax

from from lululun official site

11 Okinawa Lululun (Scent of Sikhwasa)

Okinawa Lululun is limited to Okinawa. Contains ingredients such as Shikuwasa, a specialty of Okinawa.

It is reputed for its refreshing and authentic Shikuwasa-like scent that is comfortable to use.

What is Sikhwasa?

Sikhwasa is rich in beauty ingredients. As with food, putting it in your skin with a face mask is also effective.

Prevention of spots and dullness due to antioxidative action

One type of polyphenol (flavonoid), nobiletin, has an antioxidant effect that inhibits the production of active oxygen.

It is effective in preventing spots and dullness because it makes it difficult to make active oxygen produced by ultraviolet rays, and at the same time suppresses tyrosinase, an enzyme that promotes the production of melanin, the source of spots.

Inflammation suppression by sunburn

Sikhwasa also works to reduce skin cell inflammation caused by ultraviolet rays.
It also prevents UV photo-aging due to its antioxidant effect.

Prevention of wrinkles and sagging

Nobiletin also has the effect of suppressing the production of an enzyme called MMP that destroys collagen and elastin in the dermis layer.

If collagen or elastin is destroyed, your skin will lose its elasticity.

Feature of Okinawa Lululun

Resilient and glowing skin ingredients

  • Okinawa-made Sikhwasa oil * Sikhwasa seed oil
    From the seeds of Sikhwasa grown in Okinawa, the oil is carefully extracted with a cold press, creating a smooth transparency and luster skin.
  • Passion fruit extract from Okinawa * Kudamono Passiflora skin extract
    Passion fruit, it is fruit eaten with butter and juice. It is rich in nutrients such as vitamins A, B, C, β-carotene, citric acid, and potassium, giving your skin a bright sheen.
  • Vitamin E derivative * Tocopherol acetate

Skin conditioning ingredients

  • Hibiscus extract * Lactobacillus / Hibiscus flower fermentation broth
    Lactobacillus / Hibiscus flower fermented extract made by fermenting hibiscus grown under the sunlight of Okinawa with plant lactic acid bacteria.
    Vitamins, citric acid, and other nutrients to condition your skin are perfect, and they prevent worried rough skin when UV rays are strong.
  • Provitamin B5 * Panthenol

Price: 7sheets × 5pcs 1500 yen + tax

from from lululun official site