Review: Rohto hadalabo shirojyun premium whitening jelly mask

Review: Rohto hadalabo shirojyun premium whitening jelly mask



・ A beauty whitening serum sheet mask that is made by a jelly-from condensed serum.
A soft and smooth sheet mask as if it were made by jelly seals your skin!

・High adhesion and moisture retention.
A mask containing plenty of beauty liquid penetrates deep into the skin, suppresses the production of melanin, and prevents spots and freckles.
It is a special skincare of penetration and moisturizing to approach the origin of stains.

・Contains white tranexamic acid (whitening active ingredient) with anti-inflammatory action and 2 types of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C derivative and vitamin E as moisture ingredients.

・Uses a cotton-born non-woven fabric that is gentle on the skin with little fiber irritation. Because it can hold a lot of moisture liquid, so it has excellent adhesion to the skin.

・Same weak acidity as healthy bare skin. It is fragrance-free, color-free, mineral oil-free, and alcohol (ethanol) free, giving consideration to gentleness to the skin.

・It can also be applied after lotion, and after use, you can use milky lotion, beauty serum, cream, etc. After washing your face, you can complete skin care with this one item.

( from Rohto official site )

・3 pics per 1 pack. Because it is individually wrapped, it is clean and always fresh.

【How to use】

  1. Remove the mask from the pack and gently spread it. Be careful because there is plenty of serum and so soft.

2. Match the mask to the position of the eyes and mouth, and fit the entire face.

3. Leave it for 10 minutes.

4. Gently pressing your face by hand to apply the remaining liquid on the face.


【Feelings after using】

I was surprised by plenty of moisturizing liquid in the sheet mask when I took out from the pack.
There is plenty of beauty essence that enough spills from the sheet!

The sheet mask fabric is thin and easy to tear, so please spread it gently.

The sheet sticks to your skin so that you can move around for example reading a book or watching TV while wearing a sheet mask.

It won’t dry even if you wear it for a long time because it has enough beauty serum, but please keep the specified wearing time (10 minutes). It is fragrance-free, so you don’t need to care about odor while applying it.

It’s about the size that can cover the whole face, but it will leave a little space around your eyes.

Moisturizing power is also perfect so that keeping moisture effect even after taking off sheet mask. A resilient and smooth skin will be born!

If you use it at night, the skin will be moisturized until the next morning, so the makeup on the next day will be much better!

As for the whitening effect, the skin tone feels brighter after use.

I thought that the skin would be rejuvenated with the effect of moisture spreading over the skin and the skin tone becoming brighter! I will continue to use it and aim for beautiful white skin:)

I like this sheet mask because it is cheap but effective.
I will repeat buying it!


1pack: 3 pics contains(23mL/1pcs), 650 yen(without tax)