Review: KEANA Rice Mask (Keana nadeshiko) 10 Sheets

Review: KEANA Rice Mask (Keana nadeshiko) 10 Sheets



Ishizawa laboratory’s “KEANA Rice Mask” is a popular sheet mask so that it’s sold out in many shops.

Even on the sales page of the official site, there is a sales restriction of up to 3 pics per month per person.

It may be also a factor of popularity that a piece of mask is only about 70 yen!
Let’s check about this sheet mask now.


Image of keana nadeko rice mask

” Pores Nadeko Rice Mask ” is a skin care that clean dry pore skin with 100% domestic rice-derived rice serum.

A thick sheet mask with plenty of rice serum will be in close contact with your skin. Make the skin plump and sleek.

★What is rice serum?
Rice serum is an essence made from 100% Japanese rice that moisturizes and softens dry skin.

・ Giving moisture: Rice fermented liquid
With the power of rice fermented with yeast, the skin will become of moisture.

・ Adjust skin condition: Rice ceramide
Supports the barrier function of the stratum corneum and protects its ability to retain moisture for skin.

・ Adjust skin elasticity: rice bran oil
Contains vitamin E, cleanses the skin and gives it a sleek and dewy finish.

・ Create an even skin texture: Rice bran extract
Clean a disordered pores and make the skin full of transparency.

【All ingredients】

Water (base) / Glycerin (humectant) / PG (humectant) / Ethanol (base) / (Styrene / VP) Copolymer (film-forming agent) / Rice fermented liquid (Rice serum: Rice fermented liquid) (Humectant) / Rice bran oil (rice ceram: rice bran oil) (moisturizing agent) / Hydrolyzed rice bran extract (rice ceram: rice bran extract) (moisturizing agent) / Rice bran glycolipid (rice ceram: rice ceramide) (humectant) / BG (humectant) ) / Xanthan gum (thickener) / polysorbate 80 (solubilizer) / citric acid (pH adjuster) / Na citrate (pH adjuster) / phenoxyethanol (preservative) / methyl paraben (preservative)

( from Keana nadeko official site )

【How to use】

・You can use it daily.
・ It is also recommended as a special care when your skin becomes dry.
・ Use frequency, please adjust according to your skin condition.

Please use on your skin immediately after washing your face.

Carefully remove the mask with a clean hand and spread it out for your face.

Position the sheet first at the eye position, then at the mouth position, and then touch the entire face.

Leave for about 5 minutes and peel it off gently.

The liquid left on the skin is effective for patting entire face with your hand.
※ You can use even after conditioning your skin with lotion.


【Feelings after using】

I met a great sheet mask!

My pores, which had never became small by now, have became smaller after using this sheet mask (There is a before-after photo on the below part. Be careful if you don’t like!)

Not only that, the skin is also became brighter, and the skin became smooth and it feels so comfortable so that I wanna touch my skin by myself.

I’m oily skin and acne often appeared, but acne haven’t appeared ever because this sheet mask is non sticky serum.

Moreover, the mask doesn’t wrinkle so much, and it feels good because it closely adheres to the skin.

Because it is a mask made of rice, I feels like the smell of sake a little, but it doesn’t bother me so much.

The mask contains a lot of beauty essence and it is very soft, so please take it out carefully.

The mask I want to use when I wanna make a smooth skin!

My pores became very small!


1 pack(10 pics contains) :702 yen(include tax)

【Online shopping】

Amazon US ($9.20)
Amazon Japan

If you want to know how to buy in Amazon Japan, check here