Best 8 Japanese skin care products for acne

Best 8 Japanese skin care products for acne


Hello guys.
Many people in Japan are suffering from acne, and they tried various products to eliminate acnes for a long time.
This time, among the acne care lotions, collected particularly high valued items for treatment acne!
Then please take a look:)

1.natulie Hatomugi skin conditioner

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A petit price lotion that has gained a lot of popular from a wide range of people. A natural essence of hatomugi moisturizes the easy-to-dry skin and tightens the skin.

The most attractive point is the goodness of cost performance that you can use this item a lot like water. If you don’t know which toner should choose, try it first.
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Price: 500ml 650 yen(without tax)

2.ORBIS clear lotion-m


This has the effect of preventing adult acne and rough skin, and can be used all season. Ingredients that enhance the barrier function,and licorice extract to prevent rough skin, will make smooth skin that is less likely to cause problems such as acne.

It has also an oil cut prescription! Contains moisturizing component collagen and yokuinin extract for tightening skin. It makes moist skin without getting sticky.

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price: 180ml 1620 yen(include tax)

3. eaude muge medicated wiping lotion

EAU DE Mphoto_UGE medicated wiping lotion

It is a wipe-off lotion that prevents acne trouble with effective ingredients that have a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect. Turn off dirt and extra sebum that causes acne! It also contains moisturizing ingredients that cleanse skin and leads a healthy skin.

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160ml 970 yen(without tax)

500ml 2600 yen(without tax)

4.MUJI light toning water


This lotion contains natural moist ingredients such as grapefruit extract and kiwi extract. It has the effect of cleaning the pores.

It will lead smooth skin with the highly acclaimed lotion from those who are prone to acne.
 A refreshing feeling of use.

price:1290 yen(include tax)

5. FANCL acne care lotion


This lotion concentrate on adult acne with dry skin. Careful attention to the kindness to the skin, without using a germicide, adjust the skin balance of water and oil.

Contains herbal extract and akevia extract, which gives plenty of moisture. By increasing a reduced skin barrier function, prevents repeatable acne.

It is also recommended for oily and sticky skin.

Price: 30ml 1620yen(include tax)

6. HADABISEI Facial Lotion Acne Care


A moisturizing ingredient of this toner is effective for preventing acne and treating acne marks.

It softens the skin and removes excess old dirt of skin, and regulates the moisture balance of the skin.

Contains high concentrations of vitamin C as an active whitening ingredient, leading to a clear bare skin each time it is used.

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Price: around 900 yen(Open price)

7.Meishoku Bigansui Medicated Skin Lotion


Old-fashioned acne care lotion that has been loved for over 130 years. Salicylic acid (BHA) gently removes old stains that clogged the pores, and homosulfamine kills acne bacteria.

It removes excess sebum cleanly and keeps the skin smooth and non-greasy.

In addition to removing dirt and sebum from the skin, it promotes turnover skin, and effective for acne marks.

Price: 90ml 864yen(include tax)

8. Curel Sebum Trouble Care Lotion 


For dry, sensitive skin that becomes oily skin with sebum. It is a sebum care lotion for both dry skin and oily skin.
Eucalyptus extract is added to ceramide to supplement the inherent moisture to skin and control excess sebum and prepare skin with less acne.
Non-oily prescription. Contains anti-inflammatory agent (active ingredient) to prevent acne and rough skin.

Price: around 1900 yen(Open price)