Review: Hatomugi skin conditioner

Review: Hatomugi skin conditioner



Do you know “Hatomugi skin conditioner” which is very famous in Japan?
This toner has won awards in numerous Japanese beauty magazines and beauty sites, and is a famous toner that has long been recognized by many Japanese women of various age groups, as “It is excellent but cheap price!”.
Let’s see the effect of this lotion!



・Large capacity of 500ml that can be used plenty & cheap price of 650 yen, so it is famous as “strongest cost-performance!”

・ Because of its excellent penetration power, the more you put on it, the more blend it is with the skin and it fills the skin with water

・ Don’t feel sticky even with plenty of skin, refreshing feel.

・ It has moisturizing ability and contains plenty of moisture in the skin, so the pores become smaller and it also has the effect of preventing rough skin.

・ Suitable for all skin types as it is less irritating. Recommended for oily skin, dry skin and sensitive skin.

・ No fragrance, no coloring, low irritation, oil free, surfactant free

[What is Hatomugi? ]

Hatomugi, which is used in Hatomugi Lotion, is a grain of the Genus Gypsum, which is said to originate from the southern part of China to the Indochina Peninsula. Due to the recent millet boom, it has been attracting attention as a food that can be easily fed with high nutrition. In addition, Hatomugi extract, when applied to the skin, it has an effective action on beauty such as moisturizing and whitening, so it is formulated in skin care products.


All ingredients

Water, DPG, BG, glycerin, barley extract, glycyrrhizic acid 2K, (styrene / acrylates) copolymer, ethanol, citric acid, sodium citrate, methylparaben, propylparaben

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【How to use】


・Please use after face wash. I recommend overlapping about three times. If your skin gets cold, it is the mark that the lotion has penetrated.

・ It is also OK to use another lotion after using this lotion as pre-lotion. Enhance penetration of subsequent skin care.

・ We also recommend lotion pack! Pack for 3 minutes with plenty of this toner for getting more moisture.

・Due to it is not sticky, it can be used a lot for the whole body. Recommended for skin after daily bathing and after sunburn.


【Feelings after using】

It didn’t be sticky even if I applied a lot, so it is highly appreciated that I could use comfortably even my oily skin.
After use, I could feel that my skin contains plenty of water. As it balances the skin, it is less likely to cause rough skin! And also, I could feel that my pores contained plenty of water so it became smaller.
I have used it before morning makeup because it has a fresh feeling of use. It’s refreshing and comfortable, so it’s not sticky. It’s good that to prevent make-up getting messed up.
There is almost no irritation, so it can be used even when the sensitive skin and pre-menstrual severe skin.


500ml:650 yen(without tax)

【Where Can I buy in Japan?】

You can buy at drug stores, Don Quixote and other cosmetic stores.

【Online Shopping】

Amazon US($15.90)
Amazon Japan(598 yen)

*If you want to know how to buy in Amazon Japan, check here