Review: KOSE COSMEPORT suncut perfect uv essence

Review: KOSE COSMEPORT suncut perfect uv essence



・A prescription that cuts UV-α and β * to prevent spots and freckles from sunburn.

・Stretch fit formula that adheres to the skin and is resistant to sweat, water and sebum.

・Resistant to rubbing and the UV cut effect continues.

・Contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, royal jelly extract, squalane, and smooth keep powder to keep your skin moist and smooth.

・It has an allergen guard effect that protects the skin from pollen and dust.

・It can also be used on wet skin after sweating or after getting out of the pool / sea.

・Can be used for both face and body. Can also be used as a makeup base.

・SPF50+ PA++++

・Unscented. Can be removed with soap.

* What is UV-α, β?
UV-α is ultraviolet rays that slowly darken your skin and cause wrinkles and sagging.
UV-β is ultraviolet rays that cause skin irritation, melanin, spots and pigmentation.

【How to use】

・Apply appropriate amount evenly to the skin.

・Be careful not to let the liquid get in direct touch to your cloth. Dry it well before wearing clothing.

・ When you want to drop off, wash it thoroughly with a facial cleanser or body cleanser.

・In order to keep the effect, please repaint if you sweat.

・When using on wet skin, apply more gently to the skin.


【Feelings after using】

Sunscreen that moisturizes skin. It can be used like a skin care item! Texture is like a between cream and gel. Cost performance is also good because it spreads well even in small quantities!

smooth and moisturizing texture

It doesn’t turn white after painting, and it doesn’t smell like sunscreen-specific scents or fragrances, so you’ll forget you’re wearing it! It’s good if you don’t like any smells when applying sunscreens.

It contains not only moisture components such as hyaluronic acid and collagen, but also contains a component that keeps the skin smooth (silica), which makes it moist but not sticky.

By the way, “silica” is a natural mineral that is abundant in soil, sand, plants, water, etc., and it is also present in human bones, skin, nails, hair, etc., and is important for making the body foundation.

It also helps collagen production, and is also used in cosmetic, beauty salons, and hair salons.

About the effect as sunscreen, even if I was outdoors, it didn’t turn black, so it has good efficient as a sunscreen.

Moisturizing effect is higher than other sunscreens, so especially recommended for dry skin!

Since it can be used on wet skin, I think it’s also good for repainting item in the sea or pool 🙂


60g : Open price( around 700 yen)

110g: Open price( around 900 yen)