How to shopping in Amazon Japan

How to shopping in Amazon Japan



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In this article, I answer a question like this “How do I shopping in Amazon Japan? How to order? Can I shop in English?”

It would be nice if there were all Japanese products that you were looking for in your country’s Amazon, but it’s not!
Also,when you don’t have so much time to go shopping though you go to Japan.

This article will help you to buy what you want and show two ways how to do online shopping in Amazon Japan.

【Basic settings】

First of all, if you don’t live in Japan, you need to make an account for Amazon Japan.

Now, Amazon is exists in all around the world, but Amazon JP is different from other country.

For example, if you have Amazon US account, you can use its account in Canada, Australia, UK, and so on.

However, Amazon Japan is not same like that, so you need to create new account only for Amazon Japan.

You can create Amazon Japan account from here →Register

capture of register page

After creating, Login to Amazon Japan, and setting country and language according to your country.

Below description is how to change settings of country and language.

(Screenshot is Iphone’s one)

【How to buy in Amazon Japan】

①Deliver product directly to a hotel or airbnb etc. in Japan

If you plan to come to Japan, you can receive the purchased products at Amazon in Japan . Even if you enter your address of Airbnb or a hotel in English , it will be delivered without any problems.
If you don’t have time to go shopping and want to get a product surely, I recommend this method!

However, when you sending to a hotel, be sure to receive it at the front desk instead of delivering it to the room.

The way to write such a case is as follows.

①Recipient Name(Your Name)
②c/o Hotel Name(If you use airbnb, don’t have to write)
③Hotel or Airbnb Address

Once packet arrive at the hotel front desk, you will be able to receive packet from the front desk as soon as you arrive at the hotel.

However, it may take a few days (or even one week in some cases) for delivery after ordering, so be careful.

②Direct delivery from Amazon Japan to your oversea’s home

If you really want products that are only sold on Amazon Japan, you can receive it in your home directly if Amazon delivery service can go to your country from Amazon Japan.

First of all, search for overseas shipping compatible products from the desired products.

The way to seek is as follows.

First,search item what you want,then push”Filter”button.
Then,check”International Shipping Eligible”. Only these steps!

In addition, when the above check button is not displayed, it means that there is no product that is compatible with overseas delivery for the product you are looking for.

Amazon Global Delivery supports almost all countries. Delivery time varies depending on the country, but it is about 3 to 6 days.

Cautions on Overseas Shipping!

・There are products that you have to do “Buy in bulk”

Some products may “do not deliver until they reach a certain amount”.
In this way, some products need to be purchased in bulk, so be careful.

It takes customs tariffs
Tariffs are annoying matters for overseas shipping:(
Depending on the product, the tax rate will be different. Tariff is the troublesome and the biggest bottleneck.
When shipping on Amazon Global, at first, Amazon automatically calculates the customs tariffs.

However, it is a mechanical calculation, in most cases, the amount of tariff is estimated considerably above. However, “knowing the maximum amount of tariff in advance” can be considered as an advantage.

However, if the actual tax amount is smaller than the initial estimate, you will be refunded, so there will be no loss.



The above is the way of shopping at Amazon Japan.
If you have no chance to come to Japan, or if you do not have time to shop when you come to Japan, please try it.