TIPS: How to do Japanese natural makeup

TIPS: How to do Japanese natural makeup

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In this article, I will introduce how to do Japanese natural makeup style!
These days, in Japan, natural makeup became more popular than before. Natural makeup means not cutting corners makeup but looking natural even makeup firmly.

The natural makeup we define is “a natural atmosphere like a bare face, but beautiful skin and clearly marked features” makeup.
Therefore, it is important to make a beautiful skin that looks like bare skin but doesn’t have roughness, and a point make-up without heavy makeup.
In other words, base makeup should be finished as thin as possible while firmly covering skin problems such as stains and dullness.
For the eyes and mouth, make clear but finished lightly is important.

Nowadays, many Japanese woman pursuing how to do natural makeup which makes beautiful themselves.
Today, I will introduce the typical natural makeup methods with recommended Japanese makeup item!

Step1: 【base】

Base makeup is very important. In order to make “a beautiful skin that looks like there isn’t makeup”, it is important to hide the skin troubles with the base. If you try to hide freckles, blowouts, dullness, etc. with a foundation, it will be thick and far from natural makeup. If you want to hide something, you can hide it by partially applying a concealer. By thoroughly applying a makeup base, a fresh and glowing natural skin is completed. The base makeup is more important than the foundation! Let’s see how to do it.

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The point is that applying small amounts at high positions on the face. Take out a pearl-sized base, put it on your middle finger, and place it on your cheek, nose, forehead and chin.
Or, it is also good to apply intensively to areas of concern such as pores.

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Next, extend gently from the inside to the outside with your hands. If pressed hard, not only the foundation will not work well, it will also cause skin redness. The point is to stretch gently. Instead of using a hand, using a sponge is also OK. The sponge helps to reduce excess oil.

*How to choose base makeup item

Choose the foundation according to your skin type and the trouble you want to cover.

① Correct skin color, change skin texture

Includes control color features. If you use correct base that suits your skin problems, the skin will be toned up to some extent, so when applying the foundation after base makeup, you can reduce the amount of foundations.

In addition, you can relieve the trouble in the wide surface of the skin. (For stains and freckles, Orange or Yellow base is good, and for dullness, purple or pink base is recommended, and for redness, green base is good)


Purple: Corrects skin dullness, uneven color and increases skin transparency.
Lemon Yellow: Cover stains, freckles and dark circles under eyes.
Mint Green: Cover redness and acne marks.

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②Makeup base to prevent makeup collapse by sebum

It contains a powder that adsorbs sebum, and by suppressing the spread of sebum on the skin, it can prevent makeup breakdown.
It is recommended for those who are concerned about sebum every day and can’t fix makeup for a long time.

Recommended item: Primavista Long Keep Base

The immovable popularity of the No. 1 makeup base sales for nine consecutive years. It is resistant to sweat and sebum, and maintains the finish of the foundation without shine even when the temperature and humidity are high.

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③ Makeup base to make pores less noticeable

As this item specialized in pores, so it makes difficult to stand out open pores. It makes skin smooth.

Recommended item: Sana Keana Pate Shokunin Pore Putty Make Up Base SPF50+ PA++++

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④Makeup base with moisturizing function

A moisturizing base that can be used like skin care.
It is recommended to be used when you are concerned about your skin dryness or when you spend in a dry environment.
But let’s be careful if you apply a lot, it may cause makeup collapse.


It specializes in moisture function while providing transparency.
Creamy texture and a beautiful finish covering function. And there are plenty moisturizing ingredients, but doesn’t sticky.

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Step2: 【foundation & concealer】

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Stains, freckles and dullness which couldn’t cover with base makeup are able to be covered with the concealer.
The beautiful skin will be made if you cover the dirk circle under eyes, freckles, and the dullness of the corners.
However, because the skin under the eyes are thin, it may be unnatural if it is applied too much. Let’s be careful about putting too much.
Liquid type concealer is recommended, because it is easy to blend with skin.
Same color or the one-tone dark color of your skin are good to cover skin troubles.

Recommended item: NARS radiant creamy concealer

Even without special techniques, it can easily cover skin troubles. This is a cream type, so it is best to use it for your eyes and mouth.
It is hard to crumble and doesn’t become dirty if it crumbles. Even small amounts, it can cover your skin plenty.

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It is important to choose correct foundation color to finish makeup naturally.
Of course, if the colors don’t match to your skin, it won’t be natural. In order not to become like it, apply several colors on the face and face line at the same time, and choose the one that most naturally matches the skin.

Also, to prevent the foundation from being thick, liquid type foundations are recommended. Because it contains oil, so it will moisturize and make glowing skin naturally.

*Recommended item ①Shu Uemura unlimited breathable lasting foundation

There are 24 colors that make for a perfect skin color like a custom-made, that synchronizes with your bare skin. It feels so light as forgot applying, and a long lasting type that is also resistant to sweat and humidity. It spreads evenly on the skin and covers skin problems well.

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*Recommended item ②KATE secret skinmaker zero

Firmly attached to the skin once applied. Even though there is no thick coating feeling, it fulfills the skin covering desire and realizes natural skin. Covers uneven colors such as redness, and making beautiful finish like the tone up of the skin.

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Step3: 【eyeblow】

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First, with a pencil-type eyebrow, shape and draw the eyebrows firmly. Next, apply the eyebrow powder along with the flow of the eyebrow, and finally blend it with a screw brush to complete.

The eyebrows is a strong impression when finished with only a pencil, so it is recommended to use powder-type eyebrows for natural finish.
In addition, the color of the eye shadow should be similar to the color of the hair. It will give an odd impression if the color of the hair and the color of the eyebrows doesn’t match.

*Recommended item ①KATE designing eyebrow

Products that are often featured in Japanese beauty and fashion magazines. There are a large number of patrons, because not only being easy and cheap because they can be bought at drug stores, but also they can be used easily and finished beautifully, so the evaluation of the product itself is high.
Powder eyebrow with light, medium and dark three colors. Light colors can also be used as nose shadows, so you can finish not only the eyebrows but also the eyes in three dimensions.
By mixing and using the colors in the palette, it will be more familiar with the skin, and it will suits any hair color.

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*Recommended item ② SANA EXCEL powder and pencil eyebrow EX

A pretty handy item that completes the perfect eyebrow with only this item which has a pencil, powder, brush.
The color of the pencil is light so that it looks great for everyone. There are very few make-up collapses and long-lasting.
It is enough to fill the gaps with powder tips. As it is light color, it does not become strange even if you applied again and again.

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Step4: 【eye shadow】

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Use eyeshadows with beige or brown colors for natural finish.

Using the eye palette to create natural gradations will give you a natural but elegant impression. If you use gorgeous eyeshadows which has a lot of large glitter, it tends to be a flashy impression, so when you want a natural finish, I recommend a delicate pearl glitter eyeshadows.

*Recommended item LUNASOL skin modeling eyes 01

This palette is recommended for a wide range of ages, from makeup beginners to advanced users.
You can easily make beautiful gradations, so even makeup beginners don’t need worry!
The texture is moist and the particles are fine powder. It fits on the skin and lasting until the evening.
As it is natural finish, it can also be used for office makeup, and when the off day, the eyes become gorgeous if you applied a lot.

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Step5: 【eyeliner】

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When natural makeup, the brown eyeliner makes the impression that the gentle eyes. It works well with the beige or brown eyeshadows introduced earlier.
It is important to draw thinly like filling in the gaps of the eyelashes.

By filling gap of the eyelashes with the eyeliner, the eyes are naturally accentuated and looks like large.
It is easy to use if the brush tip is a thin eyeliner, and it works well for fine adjustment.

*Recommend Item : Loveliner darkbrown

Liquid type eyeliner.
The tips is so thin that you can use it when you don’t want to emphasize your eyes when natural makeup.
It’s pretty easy to draw. Thin and thick lines can be drawn freely and can be made to follow the curve of the eyes properly, so it is easy to draw thin lines on the eyes.

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Step6: 【mascara】

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The mascara is an essential part of improving the eye volume.
At the time of natural makeup, use eyelash curler for only root eyelashes only one time to make naturally raised eyelashes.

There are long types that makes long eyelashes, and volume types that makes a large and gorgeous eyelashes.
Long types are recommended for natural makeup. By using a long type mascara that is close to the original shape of your eyelashes, it makes natural finish eyes.

*Recommended item : Flowfushi Mote Mascara Natural 1 Long Eyelash Brush Black 

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The curve of the brush can make separated eyelashes well.
Since a fiber is contained, the length comes out when overlapping.
In addition, it is a surprise that this is gentle on the eyelashes because end-minerals are contained!

Step7: 【blush】

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We introduce how to apply blush. As natural makeup that you want to show like a bare-face look, it’s not good if you apply too much blush, but if there are no color on your cheeks at all, it also not good.
Apply it to the extent that the color taste can be understood.

There are a powder type blush that gives a soft impression, a cream type that gives a good complexion, and a liquid type that extends well.

When applying blushes, apply it where highest point of your cheekbones. In the case of powder, apply it like a drawing circle. If you apply too much blush, it will become heavy so please get rid of extra powder before putting it on your cheeks.
When using cream type or liquid type, put a very small amount on your finger and then apply it to the cheekbones. This alone will make your cheeks color well!

*Recommended item : CLINIQUE cheek pop

It is very cute gerbera designed blush, but of course it’s not just cute. It uses a unique manufacturing process that changes from liquid to powder, and is attached into the skin. It colors your cheeks very naturally.
It also gives a natural glowing skin, so it is also recommended for those who like light makeup.

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Step8: 【rouge】

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The matte type tends to give a heavy makeup impression, so it is natural to make a glossy and clear lip.
In addition to pink beige or beige, bright colors such as coral pink is also recommended as natural colors.
Because it is natural makeup, avoid flashy colors such as red, and choose pinkish elegant color.

If you originally have good color on the lips, I recommend the transparent lip gloss. Transparent lip gloss gives a fresh impression.

Also, be sure to moisturize the lip surface with lip balm before applying lipstick or gloss

*Recommended item① : Opera lip tint

High saturation color.
Natural coloring created by “Tint”. By adding smooth texture oil, it gives a vivid coloring and a transparent texture that does not make you feel “heavy.”

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*Recommended item② : Canmake stay-on balm rouge

Even dry lips, you can apply directly!
This lipstick has a variety of functions like “Rip balm moisturizing power” “coloring of lipstick” “gloss” “UV cut” .
Even though it is light texture and comfortable wearing, it gives a natural glow on lips.
You can always use it as a lip balm!

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How was it? Natural makeup is not difficult but simple.

The purpose of natural makeup is to bring out your beauty to the fullest. With natural well-made makeup style, you can bring out the charm you have naturally and simply.
Please master how to natural makeup and bring out your charm to the fullest!

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